by Sue Briggs and Kirsty Forrester
4th August 2020
by Stewart Lansley
3rd August 2020


Race and ethnicity

PODCAST: What white working class Americans really think

by Harris Beider and Kusminder Chahal
2nd July 2020

Conflict, security, peace and migration

Criminal justice post COVID-19: are we at a turning point?

by Kevin Albertson, Mary Corcoran and Jake Phillips
9th July 2020

Hooray for the patriarchy

by Heather Savigny
24th June 2020

Conducting research on sensitive and traumatic topics during a pandemic

by Alison Gregory Emma Williamson and Maria Barnes
23rd June 2020

Democracy, power and security

The legacies of colonialism

by Leigh Gardner and Tirthankar Roy
14th July 2020

Global health and wellbeing

Rationing resources in a time of pandemic: can ethical principles help us?

by Iestyn Williams Helen Dickinson and Suzanne Robinson
15th May 2020

Innovation and sustainable practice

Why COVID-19 needs to be political

by Michiel Van Oudheusden Fabien Medvecky and Stevienna de Saille
15th July 2020

Poverty, wealth and inequality

Sanctions for the poor, runaway rewards for the rich

by Stewart Lansley
3rd August 2020

Why all the interest in Citizen’s Basic Income?

by Malcolm Torry
28th July 2020

Sustainable jobs and the future of work

The hidden scourge of modern slavery

by Gary Craig
16th March 2020

Technology and innovation for social good

A shift in attitude: digital technology and the coronavirus

by Gabriella Warren-Smith
29th June 2020

The potential and pitfalls of putting the ‘university experience’ online

by Jennie Bristow, Sarah Cant and Anwesa Chatterjee
18th May 2020

Using evidence to end homelessness

by Ligia Teixeira
8th May 2020

Policy briefings

POLICY BRIEFING: Decriminalising abortion in the UK

by Sally Sheldon and Kaye Wellings
24th March 2020

POLICY BRIEFING: Regulating Police Detention

by John Kendall
24th February 2020