Recent policies have replaced direct government funding for teaching with fees paid by students. As well as saddling graduates with enormous debt, satisfaction rates are low, a high proportion of graduates are in non-graduate jobs, and public debt from unpaid loans is rocketing.

English Universities in Crisis: Markets without Competition is a timely and challenging analysis combining theoretical and data analysis and insights gained from running a university, to give robust new policy proposals: lower fees; reintroduce maintenance awards; impose student number caps; maintain taxpayer funding; cancel the TEF; re-build the external examiner system; restructure the contingent-repayment loan scheme; and establish different roles for different types of institutions, to encourage excellence and ultimately benefit society.

Read the proposals for policy in full in this briefing. Download the pdf here.

English Universities in Crisis: Markets without Competition by Jefferson Frank, Norman Gowar and Michael Naef was published by Bristol University Press on 30 January 2019.