young people holding a placard saying let us decide our future
by Safia Sangster  |  12th August 2022

Inviting youth engagement groups to summits such as the G7 is tokenistic if these groups are excluded from high-level decision-making or if their insights and lived experiences are not valued. Safia Sangster speaks on the pressing need for global leadership to make decisions that reflect the diversity of the global population. …Read more

A wave made of data points and lines
by Dan McQuillan  |  9th August 2022

In this episode, Richard Kemp speaks with Dan McQuillan about what artificial intelligence really is. They discuss how artificial intelligence damages society in ways that are not easily fixed and why it needs to be restructured from the ground up, as well as how these fundamental changes to AI can help create a better society for everyone.…Read more

Line of police in riot gear
by Paul R. Ketchum and B. Mitchell Peck  |  5th August 2022

Based on 'Disproportionate Minority Contact and Racism in the US' by Paul R. Ketchum and B. Mitchell Peck, this policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations, including a holistic approach to reforming policing departments and the need to abolish programs which target minority youth.…Read more