Judith Orr

abortion protest
by Judith Orr  |  26th July 2022

The consequences of the Roe v Wade reversal are devastating. The victory of the pro-life lobby means women will die. Judith Orr elaborates why we shouldn’t be complacent even in the UK where abortion rights have majority support. …Read more

by Judith Orr  |  29th May 2019

The new ban on abortion in Alabama takes millions of women across the US a step closer to losing fundamental rights to control their fertility. But we also have an Alabama situation on our own doorstep,: it’s called Northern Ireland. …Read more

by Judith Orr  |  1st June 2018

Deborah Orr celebrates the success of the Repeal the Eighth campaign to legalise abortion in Ireland, and looks at the unfinished business of the Abortion Rights campaign to do the same for Northern Ireland.…Read more