Covid cases across a map

Andreas Nölke, author of 'Post-Corona Capitalism: The Alternatives Ahead', reminds us that this is a perfect time to take stock of the societal, economic and political effects of COVID-19 so that we don’t waste an important window of opportunity for wide-ranging social reform. …Read more

Painted rocks,, two have rainbows, one has the sun and another has love written on it.
by Eleanor Jupp  |  14th February 2022

Eleanor Jupp considers how the local action that blossomed during the covid and austerity crises has morphed but continues to evolve and bring people together. It must not, though, replace the welfare state.…Read more

Read Heaven Crawley’s response to the refugee dinghy disaster in the Channel and download her ebook Unravelling Europe’s ‘Migration Crisis’ for free. …Read more

by Anne Hessel  |  12th October 2021

As we approach COP26, read this extract from 'A Climate Pact for Europe'. This new book provides the facts on climate issues, the solutions available and their costs to work towards a European Green Deal.…Read more

We are in the midst of a pervasive sense of crisis, which for many of us feels overwhelming. The growth of precarious work and automation, accompanied by deep and systemic poverty, along with crises around migration and the environment present an uncertain future. Here, Tom Vickers, author of Borders, Migration and Class in an Age Read More