A blur of lights
by Rebecca Megson-Smith  |  19th August 2022

Only a year after Clare McGlynn and Kelly Johnson published their book 'Cyberflashing: Recognising Harms, Reforming Laws', upskirting and cyberflashing became specific criminal offences in Northern Ireland, following evidence given by McGlynn to the Stormont Assembly Justice Committee. Rebecca Megson-Smith charts the influence of the Bristol University Press publication on making cyberflashing a criminal act.…Read more

Timelapse of lights leaving trails
by Clare McGlynn and Kelly Johnson  |  24th March 2021

Based on Cyberflashing: Recognising Harms, Reforming Laws, by Clare McGlynn and Kelly Johnson, this policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations around cyberflashing to support proposals to criminalise cyberflashing as a sexual offence in English law.…Read more