UK flag surrounded by smoke

Thom Brooks looks at the need for a new Citizenship Test in the UK and exposes the flaws in the current system. …Read more

by Stephen Wenham  |  6th December 2021

Stephen Wenham, Publisher for Politics and International Relations, brings you his highlights in this area from the list.…Read more

Read Heaven Crawley’s response to the refugee dinghy disaster in the Channel and download her ebook Unravelling Europe’s ‘Migration Crisis’ for free. …Read more

World map built from blue dots.
by Mark Davis and Bruce Davis  |  1st November 2021

Mark Davis and Bruce Davis discuss COP26, the IPCC report and their new book 'Crowdfunding and the Democratization of Finance', which is publishing today. …Read more

A Paperchain of people
by Bob Hudson  |  14th September 2021

Bob Hudson discusses the Government's new plan to fix adult social care.…Read more

Closed sign in a shop window.
by Ann Mumford and David Cowan  |  28th July 2021

Ann Mumford and David Cowan launch 'Pandemic Legalities', a primer on the post-pandemic, post-austerity legal system with an urgent message: austerity must not be repeated to repay the costs of the pandemic. …Read more

Newspaper rolled up with Biden on it.
by Richard Johnson  |  21st July 2021

Richard Johnson considers Biden’s bullishness about US global leadership. Does the China challenge mean that this is a false hope – an echo of a fading past rather than a portent of the future? …Read more

Ipad on a table.
by Tim Bodley-Scott and Ersel Oymak  |  20th July 2021

Tim Bodley-Scott and Ersel Oymak discuss how important strategic alliances are between universities, industry, government and civil society in addressing the world’s challenges and in the drive towards the UN SDGs. …Read more

Red circle in wall
by Janice Morphet  |  8th September 2020

Janice Morphet, author of upcoming book 'The Impact of COVID-19 on Devolution', discusses whether the pandemic has caused greater government recentralisation and where this recentralisation is headed.…Read more

Art of giant hand pointing at a figure
by Keith Dowding  |  2nd September 2020

Keith Dowding talks through the arguments in his book, It's the Government, Stupid, including looking at individualism, choice, and how governments have passed blame and responsibility onto citizens during COVID-19.…Read more