human rights

by Bethany Simmonds  |  1st October 2021

On the International Day of Older Persons, Bethany Simmonds, author of 'Ageing and the Crisis in Health and Social Care', charts the discriminatory attitude towards older people revealed in government policy and rhetoric throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. …Read more

Shadow of a person in a doorway.
by Laura A. Dean  |  30th July 2021

Laura A. Dean looks at how the pandemic has interrupted response networks for human trafficking and made people more vulnerable. …Read more

Market in India.
by Sanjit Kumar Chakraborty and Kanchan Yadav  |  5th July 2021

Sanjit Kuma Chakraborty and Kanchan Yadav discuss the attempt by certain Indian states to revitalise their economy post-COVID-19 by suspending labour law for 1000 days. They argue that this is a blatant violation of workers' rights.…Read more

Red 'emergency pull' sign
by Alan Greene  |  29th October 2020

Launching ‘Emergency Powers in a Time of Pandemic’, Alan Greene looks at how democracies respond to emergencies and whether they can do so in a human rights-compliant manner. …Read more

Two older people on a bench
by Gemma M. Carney and Paul Nash  |  15th September 2020

Gemma Carney and Paul Nash, authors of 'Critical Questions for Ageing Societies', discuss the role of ageism in explaining death tolls during the pandemic and how we can start to address age discrimination in health and social care.…Read more