Refugee camp .
by Sarah Adjekum  |  11th April 2022

Sarah Adjekum considers the recent media coverage of Ukrainian refugees which betrays an underlying difference in attitude towards refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Discourse on Ukrainian refugees frames ‘Other’ (non-White) refugees as threats in waiting, and in turn influences how Western nations frame their response to refugees and increase restriction on their rights.…Read more

Our super heroes poster with the city in the background

Lee Marsden presents findings from his study examining the way social class has been portrayed in the UK media during the age of austerity.…Read more

Graffiti saying 'real talk saves lives' with crying Marilyn Monroe
by Amy Beddows  |  6th August 2021

Amy Beddows, CBT therapist and PhD student at London Metropolitan University, considers the insidious misogynistic messages camouflaged in humour, satire or irony in TV shows, films, music videos and advertising.…Read more

A man walking on a dark street wearing a hat

Launching his book ‘A Criminology of Narrative Fiction’, Rafe McGregor explains why crime fiction, even though often clichéd, has a value to criminologists in its depiction of the causes of crime and social harm.…Read more