sex work

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In this episode of the Transforming Society podcast, Jess Miles speaks with Raven Bowen, author of 'Work, Money and Duality' and CEO of National Ugly Mugs, about sex work, duality and why we need to listen to sex workers to understand sex work and create effective policy.…Read more

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by Raven Bowen  |  23rd April 2021

Raven Bowen, author of 'Work, Money and Duality', examines the ostracisation and criminalisation of the UK’s sex industry workers, and warns that this is a signal for a growing attempt to control wider sections of the populace. …Read more

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by Lynzi Armstrong and Gillian Abel  |  22nd July 2020

Lynzi Armstrong and Gillian Abel, editors of 'Sex Work and the New Zealand Model', discuss the unique laws around sex work in New Zealand, and how these laws have had an impact on the country's COVID-19 elimination efforts.…Read more