Social Policy

Mother and child walking home from school
by Chris Pierson  |  17th June 2022

Chris Pierson, author of 'The Next Welfare State?' shows that the welfare state alone cannot realise social change – even if that social change is nothing more adventurous than reducing child poverty.…Read more

by Rebecca Megson-Smith with Karen Rowlingson  |  16th June 2022

Rebecca Megson-Smith speaks to Karen Rowlingson, Chair of the Social Policy Association, about their collaboration with Policy Press to promote the discipline of social policy, and in turn tackle today’s most important social challenges and problems.…Read more

by Peter Beresford  |  27th May 2022

Peter Beresford introduces the second of our participatory social policy webinars, taking place on 7 June, ‘Disabled people’s innovation for inclusive and participatory social policy’. …Read more

by Joe Whelan  |  6th May 2022

Based on Hidden Voices by Joe Whelan, this policy briefing recommends setting welfare rates at a rate above the poverty line, reframing and reconstituting welfare as a valuable and necessary social good, and moving approaches to welfare away from being sanction based. …Read more

Layers of different coloured outlines of heads.
by Peter Beresford  |  31st March 2022

Peter Beresford launches our new series of free webinars, starting on 8 April with ‘Why participatory social policy now?’. How are we going to reform welfare and change people’s hostile attitudes towards it and the people who have to turn to it? And who should be making those suggestions?…Read more

Line of far right people in front of the white house, waving the American flag with a security guard at the front of them.
by Rūta Kazlauskaitė and Gwenaëlle Bauvois  |  17th March 2022

Rūta Kazlauskaite and Gwenaëlle Bauvois explore the rhetoric of shame, humiliation and pride in the discourses of radical right politicians in Poland and the US, and who gets drawn in. …Read more

Small world globe on blue reusable masks.
by Nicola Yeates and Chris Holden  |  25th February 2022

Nicola Yeates and Chris Holden launch the new edition of Understanding Global Social Policy, and consider some of the developments that have taken place in the field since the last edition was published. …Read more

Reflection of people and a busy street in a window.
by Elizabeth Kiely and Katharina Swirak  |  10th February 2022

Elizabeth Kiely and Katharina Swirak draw our critical attention to the steady creep of crime-control discourses and logics into so-called social policies, in projects of welfare reform, urban policy making, family interventions and rehabilitation strategies.…Read more

White and blue lights shoot down, looking like a list

The new Digital Associate Editor for Policy & Politics, Elizabeth Koebele, shares some of her favourite Policy & Politics articles.…Read more

by Bryan Fanning  |  6th October 2021

Bryan Fanning charts the ideological traditions that have shaped approaches to social problems and social policy in Europe since the Industrial Revolution.…Read more