Neon coloured paper markers sticking out the end of a book.

Aimee Grant explains how she came to documentary analysis in her career, and why it can be a fantastic leveller for students and researchers with a wide variety of needs.…Read more

Anke Schwittay, author of 'Creative Universities', illustrates some aspects of her university teaching which aim to help students better understand society’s complex challenges and to imagine alternative responses to them. …Read more

by Teresa Crew  |  19th August 2021

Teresa Crew, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at Bangor University, speaks about diversity in the academy and the importance of paying attention to the experiences of working-class academics.…Read more

Graduation ceremony from above so all you can see is their hats.
by Maria Gallo  |  29th June 2021

Maria Gallo reminds students that there’s more to higher education than what happens in the real or virtual classroom. The lifelong alumni network is an immense opportunity.…Read more