Elderly lady wearing a mask hugging her daughter outside a house.
by Maria Cheshire-Allen and Gideon Calder  |  23rd May 2022

Based on their International Journal of Care and Caring article, Maria Cheshire-Allen and Gideon Calder look at the effects of COVID-19 on family carers of older people and their lack of recognition as a group entitled to protection. …Read more

Equal piles of coins.
by Hefin Gwilym David Beck and Sara Closs-Davies  |  9th May 2022

Hefin Gwilym, Dave Beck & Sara Closs-Davies discuss the likely effectiveness of the upcoming Universal Basic Income pilot scheme in Wales involving care leavers. …Read more

The top of a police car with the sirens on.
by Colin Rogers and Ian Pepper  |  15th March 2022

Colin Rogers and Ian Pepper look at the mismatch between percentages of minority ethnic groups in the police service when compared to society as a whole, and consider how volunteers in policing could be used to bridge the gap. …Read more

Stain glass cieling
by Russell Sandberg  |  1st July 2021

Russell Sandberg outlines how the confusing government messages about weddings in the time of COVID-19 highlight the need for a much wider reform of antiquated marriage laws in England and Wales.…Read more

Glass ceiling.
by Russell Sandberg  |  1st July 2021

This policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations around the need to update out-of-date marriage law and suggests a series of reforms to the law on adult intermate relationships. …Read more