A pair of old shoes
by Traute Meyer and Paul Bridgen  |  1st July 2022

Based on their Journal of Poverty and Social Justice article, Traute Meyer and Paul Bridgen look at the effects of the post-Brexit immigration system on the household incomes of migrant workers.…Read more

by Rebecca Megson-Smith with Karen Rowlingson  |  16th June 2022

Rebecca Megson-Smith speaks to Karen Rowlingson, Chair of the Social Policy Association, about their collaboration with Policy Press to promote the discipline of social policy, and in turn tackle today’s most important social challenges and problems.…Read more

by Joe Whelan  |  6th May 2022

Based on Hidden Voices by Joe Whelan, this policy briefing recommends setting welfare rates at a rate above the poverty line, reframing and reconstituting welfare as a valuable and necessary social good, and moving approaches to welfare away from being sanction based. …Read more

Layers of different coloured outlines of heads.
by Peter Beresford  |  31st March 2022

Peter Beresford launches our new series of free webinars, starting on 8 April with ‘Why participatory social policy now?’. How are we going to reform welfare and change people’s hostile attitudes towards it and the people who have to turn to it? And who should be making those suggestions?…Read more

Painted rocks,, two have rainbows, one has the sun and another has love written on it.
by Eleanor Jupp  |  14th February 2022

Eleanor Jupp considers how the local action that blossomed during the covid and austerity crises has morphed but continues to evolve and bring people together. It must not, though, replace the welfare state.…Read more

Reflection of people and a busy street in a window.
by Elizabeth Kiely and Katharina Swirak  |  10th February 2022

Elizabeth Kiely and Katharina Swirak draw our critical attention to the steady creep of crime-control discourses and logics into so-called social policies, in projects of welfare reform, urban policy making, family interventions and rehabilitation strategies.…Read more

Hand holding up tree.
by Avril Bellinger  |  14th January 2022

Avril Bellinger of START Plymouth promotes the strengths approach as a long-term solution for helping under-served communities such as refugees. …Read more

Writing on floor saying #LeaveNoOneBehind
by Christopher Pierson  |  14th October 2021

In this episode of the Transforming Society podcast, Jess Miles speaks with Chris Pierson, author of 'The Next Welfare State?', about current policy, the mistakes of the past, and ways in which the welfare state should be transformed in order to ensure collective wellbeing.…Read more

by Bryan Fanning  |  6th October 2021

Bryan Fanning charts the ideological traditions that have shaped approaches to social problems and social policy in Europe since the Industrial Revolution.…Read more

Sorting food bank food.
by Georgina Brewis Angela Ellis Paine Irene Hardill Rose Lindsey and Rob Macmillan  |  14th September 2021

Georgina Brewis, Angela Ellis Paine, Irene Hardill, Rose Lindsey and Rob Macmillan explain how COVID-19 has forced them to rethink their study comparing welfare in the 1940s and 2010s.…Read more