Conflict, security and peace

Field full of white crosses in the ground. A war memorial.

Rafe McGregor, author of 'Critical Criminology and Literary Criticism', considers the genre of war memoir and explains why it is a useful resource for understanding the ongoing War on Terror.…Read more

Afghan Woman leaving Kabul airport

Jo Wilding outlines the plight of Afghan asylum applications in the UK and the severe inadequacy of the asylum system as a whole.…Read more

by Lily Hamourtziadou  |  11th August 2021

Lily Hamourtziadou looks at how the pursuit of liberal capitalist democracy has failed Iraq and produced only violence, terrorism, poverty, crime, instability and economic failure. …Read more

Chess game.
by Sven Biscop  |  14th June 2021

Sven Biscop, author of 'Grand Strategy in 10 Words: A Guide to Great Power Politics in the 21st Century' discusses the difference between competition and rivalry in international politics, and where the EU and US should set the red line in China and Russia’s pursuit for power.…Read more

A row of police with riot shields
by Ross Deuchar Vaughn Crichlow and Seth Fallik  |  30th April 2021

Based on 'Police–Community Relations in Times of Crisis: Decay and Reform in the Post-Ferguson Era', by Ross Deuchar, Vaughn Crichlow and Seth Fallik, this policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations around how to create a shared understanding of the nuances to police-community relations.…Read more

Silhouette of gun and hands up
by Amy Beddows  |  29th April 2021

Amy Beddows explores the thorny issue of our enjoyment of true crime books, documentaries and podcasts. Acknowledging the dangers of feeding the cycle of gendered violence, she nevertheless argues for its benefits. …Read more

Flowers and sign left for Sarah Everard

Aisha Gill calls out ineffective and fragmented policing, gender-biased court processes and austerity for the crisis of violence against women and girls.…Read more

Writing on wall saying 'protect women now'

Veronica Oakeshott from Drive, an organisation which challenges and supports perpetrators to change, explains what is needed, beyond funding and criminal justice, to end the UK epidemic of violence against women and girls.…Read more

Woman walking along a street and looking over her shoulder
by Fiona Vera-Gray  |  11th March 2021

Fiona Vera-Gray, author of 'The Right Amount of Panic', talks about Sarah Everard and how we blame women for never having the ‘right’ amount of panic.…Read more

Reaper drone flying over hills

Thomas Waldman, author of ‘Vicarious Warfare’, reviews the factors that have coalesced to make vicarious warfare so alluring to today’s US leaders, and outlines the devastating consequences both for ordinary civilians abroad and for US citizens themselves. …Read more