Innovation and sustainable practice

Metal frame network over a purple backdrop.
by Katherine K. Chen  |  27th April 2022

Katherine Chen on using our scyborgian capacity to rethink colonial practices in organisations so that they serve traditionally less advantaged stakeholders. …Read more

Rubiks cube displaying the UN SDGs

In this episode Ian Thomson and Dom Bates discuss the current way businesses engage with the global goals, the myths that hold businesses back from change, and what individuals within businesses can do to push for progress.…Read more

A protest with signs that say "No more masks", "Yes, unrestricted oxygen" and other anti-COVID precaution statements.
by Matthew J. Quinn  |  21st February 2022

Matthew J. Quinn, author of 'Towards a New Civic Bureaucracy', calls for a new public bureaucracy which has civic and environmental health rather than economic efficiency as its raison d’être, placing civic engagement and dialogue at its heart.…Read more

View of a field full of solar panels from above,
by Ian Thomson and Dominic Bates  |  15th February 2022

Dominic Bates and Ian Thomson argue why the Sustainable Development Goals are the best way for businesses to be more responsible and sustainable. …Read more

Image of bookshelf along one side with a line of tables and chairs next to it with people at it.
by Chris Brink  |  1st February 2022

Chris Brink, author of 'The Soul of a University', discusses the changing role of academia in society. It is not enough to say that the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake will provide resolution to society’s problems. …Read more

Many different coloured roped linked together to form a circle on a white backdrop.
by Alison Gilchrist and Marilyn Taylor  |  18th January 2022

Alison Gilchrist and Marilyn Taylor, authors of new edition of the Short Guide to Community Development, outline the ongoing issues in the field, and the critical need for investment, dialogue and cross-sectoral cooperation in the community development arena if we are to level up our society. …Read more

Climate change protest, the main sign in view says "there is no planet b"

Author of 'Urgent Business: Five Myths Business Needs to Overcome to Save Itself and the Planet', Ian Thomson, talks about the 3 things your business can do to help achieve net zero. …Read more

by Ruth Weatherall  |  29th November 2021

Ruth Weatherall shares how breaking down the barriers between her two identities – academic and activist – opened up new possibilities.…Read more

Fields and blue sky

Peter Hetherington, author of 'Land Renewed', reminds us of the importance of soil diversity, and the implications of the withdrawal from the EU on climate change and our food security.…Read more

by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner  |  4th November 2021

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner profiles The Real Vegan Cheese project as an example of how the use of cutting-edge techniques can promote the flourishing of nature, animals and humans. …Read more