Race and ethnicity

Europe on a World map
by Ivan Kalmar  |  20th April 2022

Ivan Kalmar, author of 'White But Not Quite', argues that dismissive attitudes towards Eastern Europeans are a form of racism and explores the close relation between racism towards Central Europeans and racism by Central Europeans: a people white but not quite.…Read more

Woman holding a protest sign of a raised fist
by Nasar Meer  |  28th March 2022

In this episode, Nasar Meer talks about his new book 'The Cruel Optimism of Racial Justice', looking at why we continue to see systemic injustice and how equal treatment isn't the same as treatment as an equal.…Read more

Blue and Red neon sign that says open.

Commissioning Editor Rebecca Tomlinson outlines the benefits to authors of publishing Open Access with Bristol University Press.…Read more

Protest with women holding sign saying "No Peace No Justice"
by Nasar Meer  |  18th March 2022

Nasar Meer, author of The Cruel Optimism of Racial Justice, argues that there is no likely end to the struggle for racial justice, only the promise this heralds and the desire to persevere.…Read more

Protest sign saying 'Intersectional feminism is the only kind'
by Helen Kara  |  7th March 2022

Helen Kara shares her unease with the concept of International Women's Day. Promoting women’s rights is not something that should happen on one designated day. …Read more

Neon sign 'You are what you listen to'
by Bristol University Press and Policy Press  |  29th December 2021

Listen to authors and editors talking about the key social challenges of the moment in the top ten Transforming Society podcast episodes from 2021.…Read more

Extinction rebellion protest 'All I want for XMAS is clean air'
by Bristol University Press and Policy Press  |  3rd December 2021

This alternative Christmas list features books that address prominent social issues from 2021.…Read more

A Picture of Kristie de Garis on a hill with a mountain in the background.
by Kristie de Garis  |  24th September 2021

One of the people featured in 'This Separated Isle', edited by Paul Sng, Kristie De Garis examines her own mixed-race heritage and the enduring trauma of racism through the generations. …Read more

As the new Premier League season begins today, Stephen Burrell looks at how Gareth Southgate’s team have been challenging our restrictive notions of masculinity.…Read more

Muslim family walking down a street.
by Peter Hopkins  |  14th July 2021

With the launch of the report of the first ever inquiry into Islamophobia in Scotland, Peter Hopkins, Professor of Social Geography at Newcastle University and author of the report, discusses the key findings and what should change.…Read more