Social justice and equal opportunity

Open padlock.
by Julia Mortimer  |  25th October 2021

Julia Mortimer, Journals and Open Access Director at Bristol University Press, welcomes in Open Access Week 2021 and explains how Bristol University Press is leading the way towards a more equitable publishing landscape.…Read more

Mixed language bookshelf

Karen Schucan Bird reports on what tools are available to take stock of what authors are included in academic reading lists, whether anything has changed since her research on the dominance of White male Eurocentric authors on these lists, and why it matters to keep tabs on diversity in this context. …Read more

by Sanna Koulu and Christine Barter  |  18th October 2021

Sanna Koulu and Christine Barter look at how digital tech can be used by perpetrators but also be a vital space for recovery, providing it is accessible to all.…Read more

by Stewart Lansley  |  15th October 2021

Stewart Lansley looks at poverty in the UK and how it has always been inextricably linked with inequality.…Read more

by Hendrik Wagenaar and Barbara Prainsack  |  11th October 2021

Hendrik Wagenaar and Barbara Prainsack profile their new book ‘The Pandemic Within’. COVID-19 has exposed fault lines in our economic, social and political order. Here are tools to imagine solutions to the crisis. …Read more

Pig wearing a graduation cap.
by Peter Scott  |  8th October 2021

Peter Scott, author of 'Retreat or Resolution?', expresses doubts about how successfully the government will resolve the higher education funding crisis in its upcoming spending review. Cooling demand for higher ed is not the solution. …Read more

Children playing hopscotch
by Marlon Lee Moncrieffe  |  7th October 2021

Marlon Moncrieffe looks at the Eurocentric nature of British history teaching in UK schools, and its role in reinforcing the inequality and division of British people. …Read more

by Bryan Fanning  |  6th October 2021

Bryan Fanning charts the ideological traditions that have shaped approaches to social problems and social policy in Europe since the Industrial Revolution.…Read more

by Bethany Simmonds  |  1st October 2021

On the International Day of Older Persons, Bethany Simmonds, author of 'Ageing and the Crisis in Health and Social Care', charts the discriminatory attitude towards older people revealed in government policy and rhetoric throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. …Read more

A Picture of Kristie de Garis on a hill with a mountain in the background.
by Kristie de Garis  |  24th September 2021

One of the people featured in 'This Separated Isle', edited by Paul Sng, Kristie De Garis examines her own mixed-race heritage and the enduring trauma of racism through the generations. …Read more