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illustration of a woman crying lying on a sofa
by Lisa McKenzie  |  22nd July 2022

“The mad yellow book” gives a voice through a graphic novel to the marginalised working-class experience. Lisa McKenzie of Working Class Collective reflects on how The Lockdown Diaries of the Working Class brought people together, through the solidarity it created virtually. …Read more

london street at night
by Tony Manzanetti  |  11th July 2022

Tony Manzanetti reviews 'End of the Road: Remaking the Street as the Heart of the City' by William Riggs, a book that illuminates the importance of streets as an economic, social and natural space.…Read more

michaela cole
by Ankita Mishra Melody House Zoe Asser and Amy Beddows  |  27th June 2022

“I May Destroy You' is an example of the crucial role of creativity, art and storytelling for those navigating their own journeys from violence”. Ankita Mishra, Melody House, Zoe Asser and Amy Beddows discuss the TV comedy drama as a catalyst for change.…Read more

Yellow crime scene tape
by Marianne Colbran  |  23rd June 2022

Marianne Colbran, author of 'Crime and Investigative Reporting in the UK, investigates how UK non-profit news sources are changing the remit of crime news to combat the harmful stereotyping of marginalised groups in traditional crime journalism…Read more

School lockers painted in the colours of the rainbow
by Madelaine Adelman and Eliza Byard  |  8th June 2022

Madelaine Adelman and Eliza Byard, contributors to the Global Agenda for Social Justice, show why stakeholders of all ages and at all levels must address the social problem of anti-LGBTQ+ bias in school communities.…Read more

Vietnam pride
by Yên Mai  |  19th May 2022

Yên Mai looks at the role of emotions in Vietnamese LGBTQ activism.…Read more

UK flag surrounded by smoke

Thom Brooks looks at the need for a new Citizenship Test in the UK and exposes the flaws in the current system. …Read more

Equal piles of coins.
by Hefin Gwilym David Beck and Sara Closs-Davies  |  9th May 2022

Hefin Gwilym, Dave Beck & Sara Closs-Davies discuss the likely effectiveness of the upcoming Universal Basic Income pilot scheme in Wales involving care leavers. …Read more

Woman with her face in her hands sitting in front of a baby.
by Kay Cook  |  3rd May 2022

Kay Cook, author of 'The Failure of Child Support', identifies to what extent the gender order is entrenched through the failure of child support to deliver upon children’s right to receive a share of both parents’ resources.…Read more

Purple and red paint merging.
by Kaveri Qureshi and Zubaida Metlo  |  14th April 2022

Kaveri Qureshi and Zubaida Metlo look at how the views and actions of close family members, as well as webs of culture and belief, can shape people’s reasoning through the separation/divorce process.…Read more