Global social challenges

Graffiti saying 'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others'
by Gottfried Schweiger  |  14th April 2020

Vulnerability is strongly influenced by the social context that people live in. Gottfried Schweiger, one of the editors of 'Absolute Poverty in Europe', shows how this is becoming more evident with the COVID-19 pandemic as people affected by poverty, exclusion and other disadvantages are facing additional challenges and becoming victims more than most.…Read more

Wall art of person holding out hands
by Sam Wren-Lewis  |  7th April 2020

Trust was heavily eroded during the long period of austerity that followed the global financial crisis and we cannot afford to make the same mistake again. Sam Wren-Lewis, author 'The Happiness Problem', explains why trust is so important in times of uncertainty.…Read more

network of wires
by Jonathan Wistow  |  30th March 2020

How we as societies respond to the challenges and opportunities arising from the global crisis of coronavirus could lead to fundamental changes in the social contracts across these societies. Jonathan Wistow shows how this is an opportunity to reassess the kind of deal we have with the state and other interests and influences. …Read more

Sign saying 'One world'
by Rebecca Willis  |  25th March 2020

Rebecca Willis is the author of 'Too Hot to Handle? The Democratic Challenge of Climate Change' - out today. Here she explains that, despite these uncertain times, we should have faith in people to understand, accept and play their part in responding to crises, both immediate, acute health threats like COVID-19, and the slow-burn of the climate crisis.…Read more

Chile women's march

Themrise Khan, an independent researcher and analyst in international development policy, gender and global migration, examines the emerging divide between women’s rights movements in countries of the Global North and the Global South.…Read more

Neon sign saying 'Nails nails nails'
by Gary Craig  |  16th March 2020

Gary Craig, co-editor of 'The Modern Slavery Agenda: Policy, Politics and Practice' looks at the extent of modern slavery, who is affected and what needs to be done. …Read more

by Alisoun Milne  |  12th March 2020

Alisoun Milne, author of 'Mental Health in Later Life' argues that we need to challenge ‘the usual culprits’ when thinking about the causes of mental ill health amongst older people. Age related losses undermine mental health, but lifecourse and structural risks play a significant role too.…Read more

Sign saying 'Keep it in the ground'

Rebecca Willis, author of Too Hot to Handle? The Democratic Challenge of Climate Change, out this month, identifies five things every government needs to do to tackle the climate emergency.…Read more

by Geoff O’Brien, Phil O’Keefe and Peter J Taylor  |  9th March 2020

Phil O’Keefe, Geoff O’Brien and Peter J Taylor, authors of Cities Demanding the Earth: A New Understanding of the Climate Emergency, talk about reinventing the nature of our cities to be understood as part of nature and central to the solution to climate change. …Read more

Street art saying 'Free humanity'
by Stuart Rees  |  17th February 2020

Stuart Rees, author of Cruelty or Humanity: Challenges, Opportunities and Responsibilities, publishing later this year, talks about how non-violent expressions of power in music and poetry can provide a perspective that is the very opposite of top down, militaristic ways of thinking and behaving.…Read more