Global social challenges

There are multiple interlocking crises currently gripping the planet. Significant threats and dangers lie ahead of us, but so do opportunities, as new ways of being, thinking, and doing emerge.

This stream of Transforming Society is a space for exploring the complexities of the global social challenges across disciplines and fields. It seeks to build and share the knowledge needed to shape a fairer world, across and for the global south and north, hoping to foster dialogue between academics, practitioners, policy makers and the wider public.

by Sarah Smith and Elena B. Stavrevska  |  12th May 2022

Sarah Smith and Elena Stavrevska discuss whether the UN’s WPS agenda excludes categories of identity and realms of experience in efforts towards peace, justice and human security. Gender is not mutually exclusive. …Read more

Covid cases across a map

Andreas Nölke, author of 'Post-Corona Capitalism: The Alternatives Ahead', reminds us that this is a perfect time to take stock of the societal, economic and political effects of COVID-19 so that we don’t waste an important window of opportunity for wide-ranging social reform. …Read more

power plant
by BinBin Pearce  |  25th April 2022

BinBin Pearce, Associate Editor for the new Global Social Challenges Journal, discusses the urgency of creating an energy system weaned from supplies of oil, coal and natural gas held in the hands of authoritarian regimes.…Read more

Europe on a World map
by Ivan Kalmar  |  20th April 2022

Ivan Kalmar, author of 'White But Not Quite', argues that dismissive attitudes towards Eastern Europeans are a form of racism and explores the close relation between racism towards Central Europeans and racism by Central Europeans: a people white but not quite.…Read more

Cranes flying in the sunset

Colin Yeo, author of 'Refugee Law', considers the UK government’s ‘bespoke’ scheme for those fleeing Ukraine in the context of previous responses to refugee crises going back to WW1. …Read more

Woman holding a protest sign of a raised fist
by Nasar Meer  |  28th March 2022

In this episode, Nasar Meer talks about his new book 'The Cruel Optimism of Racial Justice', looking at why we continue to see systemic injustice and how equal treatment isn't the same as treatment as an equal.…Read more

Protest with women holding sign saying "No Peace No Justice"
by Nasar Meer  |  18th March 2022

Nasar Meer, author of The Cruel Optimism of Racial Justice, argues that there is no likely end to the struggle for racial justice, only the promise this heralds and the desire to persevere.…Read more

Orange and Green paint with #BreakTheBias on top
by Bristol University Press and Policy Press  |  8th March 2022

To mark International Women's Day this year we are launching a series of Transforming Society articles to celebrate our female authors and editors: 'Women in academia and practice'.…Read more

Abstract paint with #BreakTheBias
by Sue Scott  |  8th March 2022

Sociologist Sue Scott talks about the challenges she has faced as a female academic and the advice she’d give to young women in academia. …Read more

Abstract paint with #BreakTheBias
by Marie Lall  |  8th March 2022

Marie Lall talks about the challenges for women academics of COVID-19, motherhood, male dominance and fieldwork in remote and politically dangerous areas and offers advice to younger women in academia. …Read more