Global social challenges

There are multiple interlocking crises currently gripping the planet. Significant threats and dangers lie ahead of us, but so do opportunities, as new ways of being, thinking, and doing emerge.

This stream of Transforming Society is a space for exploring the complexities of the global social challenges across disciplines and fields. It seeks to build and share the knowledge needed to shape a fairer world, across and for the global south and north, hoping to foster dialogue between academics, practitioners, policy makers and the wider public.

Sign showing someone washing their hands.
by Michael Fine and Joan Tronto  |  3rd March 2022

Michael Fine and Joan Tronto present the special issue of the International Journal of Care and Caring, 'Care, caring, and the global COVID-19 pandemic'.…Read more

Rubiks cube displaying the UN SDGs

In this episode Ian Thomson and Dom Bates discuss the current way businesses engage with the global goals, the myths that hold businesses back from change, and what individuals within businesses can do to push for progress.…Read more

Sheila Peace, author of The Environments of Ageing: Space, Place and Materiality, calls for more attention to be paid to the interaction between global challenges and population ageing. …Read more

Ships in port.
by Melissa Marschke and Peter Vandergeest  |  18th February 2022

Melissa Marschke and Peter Vandergeest expose the impact of the pandemic on the already vulnerable workers on industrial fishing boats.…Read more

Homeless person being given money in a big city
by Stewart Lansley  |  11th February 2022

In this episode, Stewart Lansley, author of 'The Richer, The Poorer', discusses why we need to talk about the links between poverty and wealth, the challenges of measuring poverty and the impact of living in an unequal society.…Read more

Image of bookshelf along one side with a line of tables and chairs next to it with people at it.
by Chris Brink  |  1st February 2022

Chris Brink, author of 'The Soul of a University', discusses the changing role of academia in society. It is not enough to say that the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake will provide resolution to society’s problems. …Read more

Dark, empty classroom seen from the front.
by Stephen J. Ball  |  24th January 2022

Stephen J. Ball, author of The Education Debate, argues against school – an obstacle to freedom and to learning. School need not stand for education; we should explore an alternative path. …Read more

A group of police wearing riot gear
by Lambros Fatsis and Melayna Lamb  |  20th January 2022

In this podcast episode, Lambros Fatsis and Melayna Lamb talk about how the pandemic has revealed the damaging relationship between public health and public order and explain why we need to explore our assumptions about policing and what it's for…Read more

Climate change protest, the main sign in view says "there is no planet b"

Author of 'Urgent Business: Five Myths Business Needs to Overcome to Save Itself and the Planet', Ian Thomson, talks about the 3 things your business can do to help achieve net zero. …Read more

Picture has numbers, graphs, a test tube and Covid all faded into a blue background.

Paola Mattei, Associate Editor for the Global Social Challenges Journal, discusses the opportunities offered by public engagement policies, adopted by governments and European institutions, to improve public trust in science.…Read more