Reasons to write for Transforming Society


There are many benefits of writing an article for Transforming Society. Here are just some of them:


Showing the relevance of your work

Writing an article for Transforming Society gives you a way of showing how relevant your research is and relating it to current events, especially if you finished writing your book or article a while ago. What’s been the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on your field? How does that news article prove how much your research is needed? Articles are a perfect way to let people know why they need your work now.


Making your work accessible

The blog is free to access but people who are interested in your article will be more likely to make the effort to access the journal article or book if it’s behind a paywall. During 2020, over 2500 people clicked through to find out about a book our website from Transforming Society.

If readers are practitioners, or scholars based outside an institution or in an institution with limited funds and therefore unable to access the paid-for content, they can still benefit from the research by reading the blog.


Expanding your reach

Our articles get an average of over 300 views each… that’s 300 people who know a bit more about your work.

By conveying the story of your research in an easy-to-read way, Transforming Society helps you to spread the word beyond your field of study, giving your work more exposure and impact in the wider world. Someone outside your subject area may be unlikely to come across, or be attracted to, your book if it does not seem immediately relevant to them, but reading your article might spark their interest or prompt parallel thinking within their own field.


Freedom to share

All our blogs are published under a Creative Commons licence, meaning the article can be reposted elsewhere. This means you could write one article and potentially have it on your university blog, your personal blog, and other places without having to rewrite. We receive requests from other blogs to repost, including high-profile sites such as the LSE Impact Blog and Discover Society.


A promise of quality

We ensure the quality of your article by getting it professionally edited by an external editor and then proofread in house prior to publication.


More promotion

Writing an article for Transforming Society gives us a way of promoting your book or article through our platforms from a fresh angle. It will lead people to your research which they might not have discovered otherwise. The more promotional content that exists for any item, book or journal article, the more we can do with it, which can help increase readership, citations, sales and altmetric scores.


Social media coverage

Your article will get a full social media campaign across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, helping spread the word of your research. It will also be included in Bristol University Press/Policy Press emails and other marketing.


Visibility on Google

We make sure your article is as optimised for search engines as possible. This means we do everything we can to get your article and research as high up the Google search results as possible, further helping discoverability and impact.


Give your cause a platform

As well as a space to bring Bristol University Press/Policy Press publications to a wider audience, we want Transforming Society to be a platform for a wide range of people and causes whose work resonates with our areas of publishing. It’s a space to highlight issues, and hopefully spark discussion with a view to creating positive change.