Community Development

Painted rocks,, two have rainbows, one has the sun and another has love written on it.
by Eleanor Jupp  |  14th February 2022

Eleanor Jupp considers how the local action that blossomed during the covid and austerity crises has morphed but continues to evolve and bring people together. It must not, though, replace the welfare state.…Read more

Many different coloured roped linked together to form a circle on a white backdrop.
by Alison Gilchrist and Marilyn Taylor  |  18th January 2022

Alison Gilchrist and Marilyn Taylor, authors of new edition of the Short Guide to Community Development, outline the ongoing issues in the field, and the critical need for investment, dialogue and cross-sectoral cooperation in the community development arena if we are to level up our society. …Read more

heart on stone wall.

Alisoun Milne explores the importance of social connections for mental health and how Covid19 has eroded identity, sense of self and self-worth in older people, particularly those in care homes.…Read more

Pigeons on Scaffolding
by Caroline McGregor and Pat Dolan  |  20th September 2021

Caroline McGregor and Pat Dolan consider the dichotomy of social work being both a force for change as well as being complicit in reinforcing social, health and economic inequalities.…Read more

Paint slowly getting overtaken by blue.
by Richard Ward Andrew Clark and Lyn Phillipson  |  15th September 2021

Richard Ward, Andrew Clark and Lyn Phillipson consider WHO’s new toolkit for dementia-friendly initiatives, which looks beyond medicalised approaches to how communities can adapt to managing those with dementia. …Read more

A table covered in paintbrushes and paint.
by Rosie Meade and Mae Shaw  |  13th September 2021

Rosie Meade and Mae Shaw argue for why arts and culture shouldn’t be seen as extravagant extras, and how and why they are so valuable to community development across the world.…Read more

Girl standing outside the fence of a park.
by Taliah Drayak  |  9th August 2021

Taliah Drayak outlines some of the new online links made during the pandemic to support vulnerable groups, but also the struggles faced by parents living apart from their children who didn’t have access to the internet.…Read more

People gardening.

Henry Tam shows how community-generated improvements can only achieve success when there is genuine collaboration with public bodies and commitment to a long-term partnership. …Read more

by Henry Tam  |  30th July 2021

Based on 'Tomorrow’s Communities', edited by Henry Tam, this policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations around how systematic community cooperation can bring about positive changes in terms of inclusion, sustainability and personal wellbeing.…Read more

Crouching person with mask in in red lights
by Katy Goldstraw  |  26th July 2021

APLE Collective explains the participatory activism carried out during the pandemic which has been the basis of its new book Socially Distanced Activism. …Read more