by Sarah Smith and Elena B. Stavrevska  |  12th May 2022

Sarah Smith and Elena Stavrevska discuss whether the UN’s WPS agenda excludes categories of identity and realms of experience in efforts towards peace, justice and human security. Gender is not mutually exclusive. …Read more

Equal piles of coins.
by Hefin Gwilym David Beck and Sara Closs-Davies  |  9th May 2022

Hefin Gwilym, Dave Beck & Sara Closs-Davies discuss the likely effectiveness of the upcoming Universal Basic Income pilot scheme in Wales involving care leavers. …Read more

Covid cases across a map

Andreas Nölke, author of 'Post-Corona Capitalism: The Alternatives Ahead', reminds us that this is a perfect time to take stock of the societal, economic and political effects of COVID-19 so that we don’t waste an important window of opportunity for wide-ranging social reform. …Read more

Metal frame network over a purple backdrop.
by Katherine K. Chen  |  27th April 2022

Katherine Chen on using our scyborgian capacity to rethink colonial practices in organisations so that they serve traditionally less advantaged stakeholders. …Read more

For sale sign outside some council houses
by Sanya Naqvi Daniel Béland and Alex Waddan  |  12th April 2022

Sanya Naqvi, Daniel Béland and Alex Waddan trace housing policy initiatives since Thatcher, arguing that its legacy lives on in today’s housing crisis.…Read more

A puppet hanging by strings
by Heejung Chung  |  6th April 2022

Based on 'The Flexibility Paradox' by Heejung Chung, this policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations including the need for stronger rights around flexible working, the need for protection against discrimination when working flexibly and the importance of tackling the long-hours 'always-on' culture.…Read more

Freedom written across a lorry
by Gabriel Cepaluni Michael T. Dorsch and Réka Branyiczki  |  4th April 2022

Gabriel Cepaluni, Michael T. Dorsch and Réka Branyickzki consider the trade off that democratic societies have had to grapple with during the pandemic: restricting social and economic interactions while preserving civil liberties.…Read more

Layers of different coloured outlines of heads.
by Peter Beresford  |  31st March 2022

Peter Beresford launches our new series of free webinars, starting on 8 April with ‘Why participatory social policy now?’. How are we going to reform welfare and change people’s hostile attitudes towards it and the people who have to turn to it? And who should be making those suggestions?…Read more

Blue lightbulb on a navy backdrop.
by Jessica Miller  |  30th March 2022

Jessica Miller, author of 'The Policing Mind', calls on us to consider whether we take enough notice of the effect on the minds of police officers of the trauma that they experience on a daily basis. …Read more

Sign showing someone washing their hands.
by Michael Fine and Joan Tronto  |  3rd March 2022

Michael Fine and Joan Tronto present the special issue of the International Journal of Care and Caring, 'Care, caring, and the global COVID-19 pandemic'.…Read more