Migration, mobilities and movement

People working on sewing machines

This World Refugee Day, Evan Easton-Calabria reveals how, in a quest to foster self-reliance among refugee communities, states and agencies are neglecting to notice that refugees are struggling to survive. …Read more

Shadows of people walking down the hill at sunset.
by Sarah Hupp Williamson  |  26th May 2022

Sarah Hupp Williamson, author of 'Human Trafficking in the Era of Global Migration', outlines some of the difficulties of assuming that conditions that drive human trafficking are the same everywhere, and that the same solutions can be applied internationally.…Read more

UK flag surrounded by smoke

Thom Brooks looks at the need for a new Citizenship Test in the UK and exposes the flaws in the current system. …Read more

Refugee camp .
by Sarah Adjekum  |  11th April 2022

Sarah Adjekum considers the recent media coverage of Ukrainian refugees which betrays an underlying difference in attitude towards refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Discourse on Ukrainian refugees frames ‘Other’ (non-White) refugees as threats in waiting, and in turn influences how Western nations frame their response to refugees and increase restriction on their rights.…Read more

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Colin Yeo, author of 'Refugee Law', considers the UK government’s ‘bespoke’ scheme for those fleeing Ukraine in the context of previous responses to refugee crises going back to WW1. …Read more

Sheila Peace, author of The Environments of Ageing: Space, Place and Materiality, calls for more attention to be paid to the interaction between global challenges and population ageing. …Read more

Ships in port.
by Melissa Marschke and Peter Vandergeest  |  18th February 2022

Melissa Marschke and Peter Vandergeest expose the impact of the pandemic on the already vulnerable workers on industrial fishing boats.…Read more

Reflection of people and a busy street in a window.
by Elizabeth Kiely and Katharina Swirak  |  10th February 2022

Elizabeth Kiely and Katharina Swirak draw our critical attention to the steady creep of crime-control discourses and logics into so-called social policies, in projects of welfare reform, urban policy making, family interventions and rehabilitation strategies.…Read more

Map of world with pins in Europe
by Morena Tartari  |  8th February 2022

Morena Tartari outlines her experiences as a lone parent and transnational researcher during the pandemic, and the structural inequalities she faced.…Read more

Pregnant women holding stomach.

A profile of Project MAMA, the Bristol-based charity for migrant parents-to-be that Bristol University Press has been supporting throughout 2021. …Read more