Real voices

by Miriam Bernard  |  4th May 2022

Mim Bernard discusses her career as a Professor of Social Gerontology, and encourages us to really listen to and act on what women in academia are saying about the challenges they face. …Read more

by Se-shauna Wheatle  |  29th April 2022

Dr Se-Shauna Wheatle discusses why so often women in academia feel the need to overwork to prove their worth or take on much of an institution’s EDI burden. …Read more

by Banu Özkazanç-Pan  |  22nd April 2022

Prof Banu Özkazanç-Pan talks about the academic sacrifices she has had to make in order to find support and wellbeing as a woman within an institutional environment, and what might be necessary to bring about a more inclusive academic environment. …Read more

Graffiti of two arrows on a wall
by Michael Lavalette  |  21st April 2022

Marking ten years of the Critical and Radical Social Work journal, Michael Lavalette tells the story of the emergence of the radical social work movement and the Social Work Action Network, and the role the journal has played in this.…Read more

by Gill Hague  |  18th March 2022

Gill Hague talks about 50 years of campaigning against gender-based violence, the challenges she’s faced particularly within academia, and passing the baton to young activists and women in academia. …Read more

Orange and Green paint with #BreakTheBias on top
by Bristol University Press and Policy Press  |  8th March 2022

To mark International Women's Day this year we are launching a series of Transforming Society articles to celebrate our female authors and editors: 'Women in academia and practice'.…Read more

Abstract paint with #BreakTheBias
by Sue Scott  |  8th March 2022

Sociologist Sue Scott talks about the challenges she has faced as a female academic and the advice she’d give to young women in academia. …Read more

Abstract paint with #BreakTheBias
by Marie Lall  |  8th March 2022

Marie Lall talks about the challenges for women academics of COVID-19, motherhood, male dominance and fieldwork in remote and politically dangerous areas and offers advice to younger women in academia. …Read more

Abstract paint with #BreakTheBias
by Ann Oakley  |  8th March 2022

Ann Oakley talks about the changes for women in academia – good and bad – over the course of her career, and how universities are still not the place they should be for women. …Read more

by Natasha Lipman  |  13th December 2021

Natasha Lipman, journalist and chronic illness blogger, shares her advice for university students living with chronic illness. The adjustment universities have had to remote learning might have a positive impact on those who need it, pandemic or not. …Read more