Children, Young People and Families

Woman with her face in her hands sitting in front of a baby.
by Kay Cook  |  3rd May 2022

Kay Cook, author of 'The Failure of Child Support', identifies to what extent the gender order is entrenched through the failure of child support to deliver upon children’s right to receive a share of both parents’ resources.…Read more

Watery red, blue and yellow paint.
by Rebecca Megson-Smith with Brid Featherstone  |  22nd April 2022

An impact case study of 'Re-imagining Child Protection' by Brid Featherstone, Susan White and Kate Morris, highlighting the resonance the book had for those working within both policy and practice spheres.…Read more

Purple and red paint merging.
by Kaveri Qureshi and Zubaida Metlo  |  14th April 2022

Kaveri Qureshi and Zubaida Metlo look at how the views and actions of close family members, as well as webs of culture and belief, can shape people’s reasoning through the separation/divorce process.…Read more

Child taking pictures.
by Steve Rogowski  |  14th March 2022

Steve Rogowski charts the rise and fall of the social work profession since the 1970s as managerialism has led to the rationing of resources and the management of risk. But there are ways to challenge the new status quo.…Read more

Icons with one red set to the side
by Stephen Cook  |  2nd March 2022

Stephen Cook, co-author of 'What Have Charities Ever Done for Us?', discusses the collapse of Kids Company and the perils of 'founder syndrome'.…Read more

Map of world with pins in Europe
by Morena Tartari  |  8th February 2022

Morena Tartari outlines her experiences as a lone parent and transnational researcher during the pandemic, and the structural inequalities she faced.…Read more

Black and white ferns that are curled up at the top.
by Ian Hyslop  |  26th January 2022

Ian Hyslop, author of 'A Political History of Child Protection', considers the disproportionality of Māori children in state care in NZ – another example of bias against indigenous peoples in Anglophone countries across the world. …Read more

Boy holding stick in air at beach.

Killian Mullan, author of 'A Child's Day' now out in paperback, reveals that youngsters crave chances to spend more time outside their homes. …Read more

'Top 10' neon sign
by Bristol University Press and Policy Press  |  22nd December 2021

Transforming Society's most read articles from 2021, brought to you by Bristol University Press and Policy Press.…Read more

Pregnant women holding stomach.

A profile of Project MAMA, the Bristol-based charity for migrant parents-to-be that Bristol University Press has been supporting throughout 2021. …Read more