Criminal Justice

Peeling painting of angels on a wall
by Aaron Pycroft  |  20th April 2022

Aaron Pycroft, co-author of 'Redemptive Criminology', re-examines the theological, philosophical and criminological basis for punishment, arguing that it prevents genuine transformation by perpetuating the myth of rehabilitation.…Read more

Woman with eyes crossed out
by Caroline Gorden and Christopher Birkbeck  |  8th April 2022

In this episode, authors Caroline Gorden and Christopher Birkbeck speak with Jess Miles about the social construction of guilt and innocence, people's morbid fascination with violent crime and why a single explanation of a trial verdict is always likely to be insufficient.…Read more

Blue lightbulb on a navy backdrop.
by Jessica Miller  |  30th March 2022

Jessica Miller, author of 'The Policing Mind', calls on us to consider whether we take enough notice of the effect on the minds of police officers of the trauma that they experience on a daily basis. …Read more

The top of a police car with the sirens on.
by Colin Rogers and Ian Pepper  |  15th March 2022

Colin Rogers and Ian Pepper look at the mismatch between percentages of minority ethnic groups in the police service when compared to society as a whole, and consider how volunteers in policing could be used to bridge the gap. …Read more

A group of police wearing riot gear
by Lambros Fatsis and Melayna Lamb  |  20th January 2022

In this podcast episode, Lambros Fatsis and Melayna Lamb talk about how the pandemic has revealed the damaging relationship between public health and public order and explain why we need to explore our assumptions about policing and what it's for…Read more

Window with shadows of people in it at night.
by James Densley and Robert McLean  |  17th January 2022

James Densley and Robert McLean, authors of 'Robbery in the Illegal Drugs Trade', reveal what they have learned from interviewing robbery victims and offenders in Scotland in the context of illegal drug markets.…Read more

Aisha K. Gill, Professor of Criminology at the University of Roehampton, examines why the criminal justice system is failing to keep women safe, particularly those from racially minoritised communities.…Read more

by Andrew Coyle  |  18th November 2021

Andrew Coyle, author of Prisons of the World, considers an alternative approach to using prison as a form of social control for the marginalised people who make up the majority of offenders in today’s prisons around the world. …Read more

by Jenny Birchall and Shazia Choudhry  |  10th November 2021

Jenny Birchall and Shazia Choudhry report on their research on allegations of parental alienation and how the culture of the family courts reinforce these allegations and other gendered myths. …Read more

Shadow of child behind bars
by Ursula Kilkelly and Pat Bergin  |  2nd November 2021

Ursula Kilkelly and Pat Bergin note breaches of rights that still take place when children are detained, despite the special provisions in the UN CRC for children in conflict with the law, and the significant progress underway in Ireland. …Read more