Aisha K. Gill, Professor of Criminology at the University of Roehampton, examines why the criminal justice system is failing to keep women safe, particularly those from racially minoritised communities.…Read more

by Andrew Coyle  |  18th November 2021

Andrew Coyle, author of Prisons of the World, considers an alternative approach to using prison as a form of social control for the marginalised people who make up the majority of offenders in today’s prisons around the world. …Read more

Field full of white crosses in the ground. A war memorial.

Rafe McGregor, author of 'Critical Criminology and Literary Criticism', considers the genre of war memoir and explains why it is a useful resource for understanding the ongoing War on Terror.…Read more

belongings from a home on the pavement
by Bill McClanahan  |  4th October 2021

Bill McClanahan, author of ‘Visual Criminology’, argues how we must use images of evictions and police brutality to critically consider the state’s responsibility and the social conditions that are enabling them to take place.…Read more

Shadow of a person in a doorway.
by Laura A. Dean  |  30th July 2021

Laura A. Dean looks at how the pandemic has interrupted response networks for human trafficking and made people more vulnerable. …Read more

Barbed wire and flying birds

In this episode of the Transforming Society podcast, Jess Miles speaks with Kirstine Szifris, author of ‘Philosophy Behind Bars’, about how philosophical thinking can be a way to encourage and enable growth and development in prison.…Read more

Covid particles.
by Daniel Briggs Luke Telford Anthony Ellis and Anthony Lloyd  |  16th July 2021

Daniel Briggs, Luke Telford, Anthony Ellis and Anthony Lloyd explain why Social Science has such a crucial role in responding to the pandemic, thinking critically about the changing relationship between states and citizens, tracking the impact of inequalities, and making sense of the new world. …Read more

Hands doing cats cradle surrounded by birds.
by Kirstine Szifris  |  15th July 2021

Based on 'Philosophy Behind Bars' by Kirstine Szifris this policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations around the importance of identity work in prison.…Read more

Pointing at woman
by Julia Zauner  |  9th July 2021

Julia Zauner discusses the inappropriate focus of educational campaigns combatting sexting, which hold survivors accountable for their own victimisation while excusing perpetrators for their actions.…Read more

Woman's hands holding a phone.

Yee Man Louie, RMIT University in Melbourne, explores the unique challenges culturally and linguistically diverse communities face when experiencing domestic violence and reflects on her own lived experiences.…Read more