Map on wooden floor with pins on it.
by Palash Kamruzzaman  |  29th October 2021

Palash Kamruzzaman looks at why equity in knowledge production across the Global North and Global South is so important, and what specific challenges Global South scholars face.…Read more

by Tara Lamont  |  27th October 2021

Tara Lamont explains why research dissemination to online communities and journalists is no less important than other forms of scholarly engagement, and why Open Access publishing provides the best of both worlds.…Read more

Mixed language bookshelf

Karen Schucan Bird reports on what tools are available to take stock of what authors are included in academic reading lists, whether anything has changed since her research on the dominance of White male Eurocentric authors on these lists, and why it matters to keep tabs on diversity in this context. …Read more

Pig wearing a graduation cap.
by Peter Scott  |  8th October 2021

Peter Scott, author of 'Retreat or Resolution?', expresses doubts about how successfully the government will resolve the higher education funding crisis in its upcoming spending review. Cooling demand for higher ed is not the solution. …Read more

Children playing hopscotch
by Marlon Lee Moncrieffe  |  7th October 2021

Marlon Moncrieffe looks at the Eurocentric nature of British history teaching in UK schools, and its role in reinforcing the inequality and division of British people. …Read more

Anke Schwittay, author of 'Creative Universities', illustrates some aspects of her university teaching which aim to help students better understand society’s complex challenges and to imagine alternative responses to them. …Read more

Graduation caps in the air
by Maria Gallo  |  30th September 2021

In this episode, Rebecca Megson-Smith talks to Maria Gallo, author of 'The Alumni Way: Building Lifelong Value from Your University Investment', about the potential of our alumni identities.…Read more

Globe with reflection on table
by Liz Allen and Elizabeth Marincola  |  23rd September 2021

Liz Allen and Elizabeth Marincola consider what more needs to be done to allow researchers from the Global South to benefit fully from innovations in research publishing. …Read more

School Lockers
by Stephen J. Ball  |  20th September 2021

Stephen J. Ball looks at the impact of COVID-19 on schools and education policy, questioning who exactly is benefitting from the rise in EdTech products and the government’s National Tutoring Programme.…Read more

The Future We Dream photo
by Levi Gahman Filiberto Penados and Shelda-Jane Smith  |  16th September 2021

The Future We Dream is a collaborative arts-based project by Maya communities from Belize, a response to orthodox academic models of research which, although well intentioned, so often scrutinise and stigmatise indigenous communities, and focus on what they lack.…Read more