by Banu Özkazanç-Pan  |  22nd April 2022

Prof Banu Özkazanç-Pan talks about the academic sacrifices she has had to make in order to find support and wellbeing as a woman within an institutional environment, and what might be necessary to bring about a more inclusive academic environment. …Read more

Neon coloured paper markers sticking out the end of a book.

Aimee Grant explains how she came to documentary analysis in her career, and why it can be a fantastic leveller for students and researchers with a wide variety of needs.…Read more

Abstract paint with #BreakTheBias
by Marie Lall  |  8th March 2022

Marie Lall talks about the challenges for women academics of COVID-19, motherhood, male dominance and fieldwork in remote and politically dangerous areas and offers advice to younger women in academia. …Read more

Image of bookshelf along one side with a line of tables and chairs next to it with people at it.
by Chris Brink  |  1st February 2022

Chris Brink, author of 'The Soul of a University', discusses the changing role of academia in society. It is not enough to say that the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake will provide resolution to society’s problems. …Read more

Dark, empty classroom seen from the front.
by Stephen J. Ball  |  24th January 2022

Stephen J. Ball, author of The Education Debate, argues against school – an obstacle to freedom and to learning. School need not stand for education; we should explore an alternative path. …Read more

Neon sign 'You are what you listen to'
by Bristol University Press and Policy Press  |  29th December 2021

Listen to authors and editors talking about the key social challenges of the moment in the top ten Transforming Society podcast episodes from 2021.…Read more

by Natasha Lipman  |  13th December 2021

Natasha Lipman, journalist and chronic illness blogger, shares her advice for university students living with chronic illness. The adjustment universities have had to remote learning might have a positive impact on those who need it, pandemic or not. …Read more

Map on wooden floor with pins on it.
by Palash Kamruzzaman  |  29th October 2021

Palash Kamruzzaman looks at why equity in knowledge production across the Global North and Global South is so important, and what specific challenges Global South scholars face.…Read more

by Tara Lamont  |  27th October 2021

Tara Lamont explains why research dissemination to online communities and journalists is no less important than other forms of scholarly engagement, and why Open Access publishing provides the best of both worlds.…Read more

Mixed language bookshelf

Karen Schucan Bird reports on what tools are available to take stock of what authors are included in academic reading lists, whether anything has changed since her research on the dominance of White male Eurocentric authors on these lists, and why it matters to keep tabs on diversity in this context. …Read more