Health and Social Care

Sign showing someone washing their hands.
by Michael Fine and Joan Tronto  |  3rd March 2022

Michael Fine and Joan Tronto present the special issue of the International Journal of Care and Caring, 'Care, caring, and the global COVID-19 pandemic'.…Read more

Ships in port.
by Melissa Marschke and Peter Vandergeest  |  18th February 2022

Melissa Marschke and Peter Vandergeest expose the impact of the pandemic on the already vulnerable workers on industrial fishing boats.…Read more

Black and white ferns that are curled up at the top.
by Ian Hyslop  |  26th January 2022

Ian Hyslop, author of 'A Political History of Child Protection', considers the disproportionality of Māori children in state care in NZ – another example of bias against indigenous peoples in Anglophone countries across the world. …Read more

Person walking down a dark beach in a grey hat and a bright yellow coat.
by Zowie Davy  |  19th January 2022

Zowie Davy welcomes many of the recommendations in the long-awaited report from the consultation by Women and Equalities Committee on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act and argues moving towards a less pathologising life where trans people who can self-declare their gender/sex needn’t be out of reach. …Read more

Sarah Galvani, co-editor of 'Long-Term Recovery from Substance Use: European Perspectives', welcomes the government’s recognition of the need for long-term recovery support for drug users in their recently published 10-year drug strategy.…Read more

Disposable face mask on the ground.
by Katherine Smith  |  20th December 2021

The launch of ’The Unequal Pandemic: Health Inequalities and COVID-19’ as Open Access follows six months of media, academic and policy maker interest in how COVID-19 is experienced unequally in society.…Read more

Pregnant women holding stomach.

A profile of Project MAMA, the Bristol-based charity for migrant parents-to-be that Bristol University Press has been supporting throughout 2021. …Read more

by Natasha Lipman  |  13th December 2021

Natasha Lipman, journalist and chronic illness blogger, shares her advice for university students living with chronic illness. The adjustment universities have had to remote learning might have a positive impact on those who need it, pandemic or not. …Read more

heart on stone wall.

Alisoun Milne explores the importance of social connections for mental health and how Covid19 has eroded identity, sense of self and self-worth in older people, particularly those in care homes.…Read more

by Bethany Simmonds  |  26th November 2021

Download this free policy briefing, based on Bethany Simmonds' book 'Ageing and the Crisis in Health and Social Care: Global and National Perspectives', covering key messages and policy recommendations around innovative, alternative health and social care and the public inquiry into the UK government's handling of the pandemic.…Read more