Timelapse of lights leaving trails
by Clare McGlynn and Kelly Johnson  |  24th March 2021

Based on Cyberflashing: Recognising Harms, Reforming Laws, by Clare McGlynn and Kelly Johnson, this policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations around cyberflashing to support proposals to criminalise cyberflashing as a sexual offence in English law.…Read more

Man sat in an airport
by Joshua Rozenberg  |  10th February 2021

Joshua Rozenberg, author of 'Enemies of the People?', discusses whether any UK court would give the government's maximum 10-year prison sentence for lying about where you have travelled from.…Read more

Red 'emergency pull' sign
by Alan Greene  |  29th October 2020

Launching ‘Emergency Powers in a Time of Pandemic’, Alan Greene looks at how democracies respond to emergencies and whether they can do so in a human rights-compliant manner. …Read more

Sign on side of building saying how are you really
by Emma Jones Neil Graffin Rajvinder Samra and Mathijs Lucassen  |  7th October 2020

Emma Jones, Neil Graffin, Rajvinder Samra and Mathijs Lucassen, authors of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Legal Profession, explore how the conceptualisation of wellbeing impacts upon workplaces.…Read more

Empty tribunal room
by Jessica Jacobson and Penny Cooper  |  28th September 2020

Based on 'Participation in Courts and Tribunals: Concepts, Realities and Aspirations', edited by Jessica Jacobson and Penny Cooper, this briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations around what exactly it means to participate in judicial proceedings, why participation matters, and what factors impede and, conversely, support participation.…Read more

Photo of a crowd walking
by Jo Shaw  |  2nd June 2020

Jo Shaw, author of 'The People in Question', discusses how the uncertain times we live in place particular demands upon the relationship between citizenship and constitutions, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.…Read more

Empty london street
by Joshua Rozenberg  |  26th May 2020

Joshua Rozenberg explains Simon Dolan's proceedings against the government on whether the COVID-19 lockdown regulations are lawful and compares them to the two Brexit-related challenges brought by Gina Miller that he analyses in his new book, 'Enemies of the People?: How Judges Shape Society'.…Read more

Newspaper with headline 'Enemies of the people?'
by Joshua Rozenberg  |  25th February 2020

In this episode of the Transforming Society Podcast, Helen Davis, Commissioning Editor for Law at Bristol University Press, speaks to Joshua Rozenberg about his new book. They speak about the role of judges in society and how the book helps to demystify the law. Ultimately they come back to the key question that's also the title of the book... are judges enemies of the people?…Read more

Photo of a law building
by Fiona de Londras, Jessie Blackbourn and Lydia Morgan  |  12th February 2020

Based on Accountability and Review in the Counter-Terrorist State by Jessie Blackbourn, Fiona de Londras and Lydia Morgan, this briefing covers policy recommendations around counter-terrorism and the review mechanisms. Download the PDF here.   Accountability and Review in the Counter-Terrorist State, by Jessie Blackbourn, Fiona de Londras and Lydia Morgan is available on the Bristol Read More

by Judith Orr  |  29th May 2019

The new ban on abortion in Alabama takes millions of women across the US a step closer to losing fundamental rights to control their fertility. But we also have an Alabama situation on our own doorstep,: it’s called Northern Ireland. …Read more