Woman with eyes crossed out
by Caroline Gorden and Christopher Birkbeck  |  8th April 2022

In this episode, authors Caroline Gorden and Christopher Birkbeck speak with Jess Miles about the social construction of guilt and innocence, people's morbid fascination with violent crime and why a single explanation of a trial verdict is always likely to be insufficient.…Read more

Cranes flying in the sunset

Colin Yeo, author of 'Refugee Law', considers the UK government’s ‘bespoke’ scheme for those fleeing Ukraine in the context of previous responses to refugee crises going back to WW1. …Read more

by Michael Molavi  |  21st January 2022

Michael Molavi, author of 'Collective Access to Justice', argues for a comprehensive class action regime in England and Wales, to allow access to justice for groups of individuals to band together against powerful wrongdoers.…Read more

Person walking down a dark beach in a grey hat and a bright yellow coat.
by Zowie Davy  |  19th January 2022

Zowie Davy welcomes many of the recommendations in the long-awaited report from the consultation by Women and Equalities Committee on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act and argues moving towards a less pathologising life where trans people who can self-declare their gender/sex needn’t be out of reach. …Read more

Shadow of a chain on the floor
by Gary Craig  |  2nd December 2021

On the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, Gary Craig outlines the extent of modern slavery, even in the ‘developed’ UK, and the steps we can take to eradicate it. …Read more

Shadow of child behind bars
by Ursula Kilkelly and Pat Bergin  |  2nd November 2021

Ursula Kilkelly and Pat Bergin note breaches of rights that still take place when children are detained, despite the special provisions in the UN CRC for children in conflict with the law, and the significant progress underway in Ireland. …Read more

Closed sign in a shop window.
by Ann Mumford and David Cowan  |  28th July 2021

Ann Mumford and David Cowan launch 'Pandemic Legalities', a primer on the post-pandemic, post-austerity legal system with an urgent message: austerity must not be repeated to repay the costs of the pandemic. …Read more

Market in India.
by Sanjit Kumar Chakraborty and Kanchan Yadav  |  5th July 2021

Sanjit Kuma Chakraborty and Kanchan Yadav discuss the attempt by certain Indian states to revitalise their economy post-COVID-19 by suspending labour law for 1000 days. They argue that this is a blatant violation of workers' rights.…Read more

Stain glass cieling
by Russell Sandberg  |  1st July 2021

Russell Sandberg outlines how the confusing government messages about weddings in the time of COVID-19 highlight the need for a much wider reform of antiquated marriage laws in England and Wales.…Read more

Glass ceiling.
by Russell Sandberg  |  1st July 2021

This policy briefing covers key messages and policy recommendations around the need to update out-of-date marriage law and suggests a series of reforms to the law on adult intermate relationships. …Read more