Politics and International Relations

UK flag surrounded by smoke

Thom Brooks looks at the need for a new Citizenship Test in the UK and exposes the flaws in the current system. …Read more

Europe on a World map
by Ivan Kalmar  |  20th April 2022

Ivan Kalmar, author of 'White But Not Quite', argues that dismissive attitudes towards Eastern Europeans are a form of racism and explores the close relation between racism towards Central Europeans and racism by Central Europeans: a people white but not quite.…Read more

Freedom written across a lorry
by Gabriel Cepaluni Michael T. Dorsch and Réka Branyiczki  |  4th April 2022

Gabriel Cepaluni, Michael T. Dorsch and Réka Branyickzki consider the trade off that democratic societies have had to grapple with during the pandemic: restricting social and economic interactions while preserving civil liberties.…Read more

Line of far right people in front of the white house, waving the American flag with a security guard at the front of them.
by Rūta Kazlauskaitė and Gwenaëlle Bauvois  |  17th March 2022

Rūta Kazlauskaite and Gwenaëlle Bauvois explore the rhetoric of shame, humiliation and pride in the discourses of radical right politicians in Poland and the US, and who gets drawn in. …Read more

Abstract paint with #BreakTheBias
by Marie Lall  |  8th March 2022

Marie Lall talks about the challenges for women academics of COVID-19, motherhood, male dominance and fieldwork in remote and politically dangerous areas and offers advice to younger women in academia. …Read more

Ukraine flag with sunlight shining through it

What is an extra slice of Ukrainian territory to Russia? Sven Biscop discusses Russia attacking Ukraine. …Read more

Hand holding a globe which is reflecting an out of focus blossom tree in the background.
by K. M. Fierke  |  3rd February 2022

K.M Fierke presents a new book which brings together snapshots of Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism and quantum physics to peel back the various layers of societal uncertainty revealed by the pandemic.…Read more

Picture has numbers, graphs, a test tube and Covid all faded into a blue background.

Paola Mattei, Associate Editor for the Global Social Challenges Journal, discusses the opportunities offered by public engagement policies, adopted by governments and European institutions, to improve public trust in science.…Read more

Neon sign 'You are what you listen to'
by Bristol University Press and Policy Press  |  29th December 2021

Listen to authors and editors talking about the key social challenges of the moment in the top ten Transforming Society podcast episodes from 2021.…Read more

by Rianne Dekker Caroline Oliver and Karin Geuijen  |  8th December 2021

Rianne Dekker, Caroline Oliver and Karin Geuijen explore the issues in their Policy & Politics article 'Can community involvement policies mitigate NIMBYism and local opposition to asylum seeker centres?'…Read more