Social and Public Policy

3 falling open notebooks with a pink background.
by Hartley Dean  |  24th November 2021

In this article from the LSE Review of Books, Hartley Dean discusses the intellectual journey that influenced the writing of his revised edition of Understanding Human Need.…Read more

White and blue lights shoot down, looking like a list

The new Digital Associate Editor for Policy & Politics, Elizabeth Koebele, shares some of her favourite Policy & Politics articles.…Read more

by Stewart Lansley  |  15th October 2021

Stewart Lansley looks at poverty in the UK and how it has always been inextricably linked with inequality.…Read more

Writing on floor saying #LeaveNoOneBehind
by Christopher Pierson  |  14th October 2021

In this episode of the Transforming Society podcast, Jess Miles speaks with Chris Pierson, author of 'The Next Welfare State?', about current policy, the mistakes of the past, and ways in which the welfare state should be transformed in order to ensure collective wellbeing.…Read more

by Bryan Fanning  |  6th October 2021

Bryan Fanning charts the ideological traditions that have shaped approaches to social problems and social policy in Europe since the Industrial Revolution.…Read more

by Stephen McBride Bryan Evans and Dieter Plehwe  |  30th September 2021

Stephen McBride, Bryan Evans and Dieter Plehwe, the authors of 'The Changing Politics and Policy of Austerity', consider which direction we follow after the pandemic. A more equal economy and society or a return to normal? …Read more

by Paul Sng Kristie De Garis and Amara Eno  |  21st September 2021

How do people navigate the tensions of an increasingly divided British society? In this episode of the Transforming Society podcast, Jess Miles talks about issues around racism, resilience and identity raised in 'This Separated Isle', with editor Paul Sng, Kristie De Garis, whose portrait and story appears in the book, and photographer Amara Eno.…Read more

Pigeons on Scaffolding
by Caroline McGregor and Pat Dolan  |  20th September 2021

Caroline McGregor and Pat Dolan consider the dichotomy of social work being both a force for change as well as being complicit in reinforcing social, health and economic inequalities.…Read more

by Victoria Pittman  |  17th September 2021

After five years of building the Bristol University Press brand, Victoria Pittman, Head of Commissioning, talks about the global expansion we have achieved. …Read more

A Paperchain of people
by Bob Hudson  |  14th September 2021

Bob Hudson discusses the Government's new plan to fix adult social care.…Read more