Social and Public Policy

Man with head in hands
by Stewart Lansley  |  3rd August 2020

Stewart Lansley, co-editor of 'It's Basic Income: The Global Debate', explains that it's time to end benefits sanctions and review the balance of rights and duties across society.…Read more

Writing on hands saying 'Our lives are in your hands'
by Alison Shaw  |  30th July 2020

Alison Shaw, Chief Executive of Bristol University Press, reflects on the selection of the Press as a finalist for the University Press Redux Sustainability Award and how the UN Sustainable Development Goals resonate with our mission and organisational goals as a publisher.…Read more

Abstract river
by Stephen Muers  |  29th July 2020

Stephen Muers, who has held a wide range of senior policy making roles and is currently Head of Strategy at Big Society Capital, talks about the impact of culture and values on policy making. How can we change things so we can do a better job of taking these into account?…Read more

Universal basic income graph
by Malcolm Torry  |  28th July 2020

Malcolm Torry, author of 'Why We Need a Citizen’s Basic Income', discusses how the coronavirus crisis has exacerbated already existing employment and income insecurity and how this has led to the increasing interest in a Citizen’s Basic Income: an unconditional income for every individual. …Read more

Two heads connected by string
by Naomi Eisenstadt  |  24th July 2020

Naomi Eisenstadt, co-author of 'Parents, Poverty and the State', explains some of the structural barriers academics face when trying to influence government, and offers some tips for overcoming them.…Read more

Photo of Richard Titmuss

Following his appointment to the LSE in 1950, Richard Titmuss set about creating the academic field we nowadays call Social Policy. Here, John Stewart, author of 'Richard Titmuss: A Commitment to Welfare', thinks about what Titmuss might have made of the coronavirus crisis. …Read more

Photo of Marcus Rashford
by John Hudson Neil Lunt and Ruth Patrick  |  10th July 2020

John Hudson, Neil Lunt and Ruth Patrick, contributors to the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, discuss whether the COVID-19 pandemic will change attitudes, and policies, regarding welfare, with examples including footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign on child poverty. They identify three key things to look out for in the coming months.…Read more

Street art of 'Follow your dreams - cancelled'
by David Etherington  |  22nd June 2020

David Etherington, author of 'Austerity, Welfare and Work', explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the huge social and economic divisions caused by austerity and how we can create an alternative and more socially just economic and social model.…Read more

Crowded London street
by Stephen Muers  |  17th June 2020

Stephen Muers, author of 'Culture and Values at the Heart of Policy Making', shows how, for policy makers during and after the pandemic, understanding culture and values will be as important as understanding viruses and vaccines.…Read more

by Emma WIlliamson Oona Brooks-Hay and Nancy Lombard  |  15th June 2020

Emma Williamson, Oona Brooks-Hay and Nancy Lombard, contributors to the Journal of Gender-Based Violence, look at how media narratives of DVA and coronavirus are problematic and need to be considered in the context of deeply entrenched social inequalities. …Read more