Social and Public Policy

An empty school hallway
by Mary O'Hara  |  27th February 2020

Mary O'Hara writes about her experience of failing the 11+ to show the importance of encouraging people to believe they are not destined for failure.…Read more

Photo of Kerry Hudson
by Kerry Hudson  |  21st February 2020

Author Kerry Hudson features in Mary O’Hara’s new book, 'The Shame Game: Overturning the Toxic Poverty Narrative' which is out next week. In this interview, originally published on Project Twist-It, she talks about why she writes about poverty and why telling stories matters…Read more

Street art saying 'Until debt tear us apart'
by Jane Millar and Peter Whiteford  |  14th February 2020

Jane Millar and Peter Whiteford look at how benefits systems can create unjust debts. This article is based on their recent paper in The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, winner of the 2019 Best Paper Prize of the Foundation for International Studies on Social Security (FISS).…Read more

Back of a jacket saying 'No longer lost'
by Danny Dorling  |  13th February 2020

In 'The Shame Game: Overturning the Toxic Poverty Narrative', out later this month, Mary O’Hara shows why the ‘shame game’ being played out against poorer people in the US and the UK is so destructive and effective. Danny Dorling explains why this new book is so important - and how you can change things - in his foreword.…Read more

Two men walking past each other
by Jennifer Neal, Zachary Neal, Kathryn McAlindon, Kristen Mills and Jennifer Lawlor  |  11th February 2020

Kristen Mills, Jennifer Lawlor, Jennifer Neal, Zachary Neal, and Kathryn McAlindon explore how educators and policy makers conceptualise research in order to illuminate points of alignment and misalignment as well as future directions for bridging policy and practice. Their article 'What is research? Educators’ conceptions and alignment with United States federal policies', published in Evidence & Policy, has been awarded the 2019 Carol Weiss Prize.…Read more

Photo of a crowd of people
by Geoff Mulgan  |  7th February 2020

Based on Social Innovation by Geoff Mulgan, this briefing summarises some of the key policy tools which national governments have used or considered, and which together provide a menu of options for any future national governments that want to develop a more comprehensive strategy for social innovation.…Read more

Photo of a computer screen saying 'Do more'

Jon Dean, contributor to Voluntary Sector Review and author of The Good Glow, reveals that young people's charity giving is still mostly determined by friends and family rather than by social media and digital campaigns.…Read more

Street art saying 'Trouble is my business'
by Stephen Crossley  |  20th January 2020

Following the announcement of £165 million extra funding for the Troubled Families Programme, Stephen Crossley, author of 'Troublemakers’, reminds us that we have yet to see any significant impact on most of the ‘complex inter-connected problems’ it has allegedly been tackling.…Read more

Illustration of a head with VR headset on and surrounded by gears
by Lawrence Grossberg  |  3rd January 2020

Lawrence Grossberg looks at the role of conversation in cultural studies. Lawrence is an American scholar widely known for his research in the philosophy of communication and culture, and a contributor to John Clarke's book 'Critical Dialogues: Thinking Together in Turbulent Times'.…Read more

Photo of a green, geometric, neon shape surrounded by people
by Jenny M Lewis  |  30th December 2019

Based on the Policy & Politics article 'When design meets power: Design thinking, public sector innovation and the politics of policymaking', Jenny M Lewis shows how policymakers need to learn how to incorporate the insights and practices from design thinking into policy.…Read more