by Se-shauna Wheatle  |  29th April 2022

Dr Se-Shauna Wheatle discusses why so often women in academia feel the need to overwork to prove their worth or take on much of an institution’s EDI burden. …Read more

Woman holding a protest sign of a raised fist
by Nasar Meer  |  28th March 2022

In this episode, Nasar Meer talks about his new book 'The Cruel Optimism of Racial Justice', looking at why we continue to see systemic injustice and how equal treatment isn't the same as treatment as an equal.…Read more

Protest with women holding sign saying "No Peace No Justice"
by Nasar Meer  |  18th March 2022

Nasar Meer, author of The Cruel Optimism of Racial Justice, argues that there is no likely end to the struggle for racial justice, only the promise this heralds and the desire to persevere.…Read more

by Gill Hague  |  18th March 2022

Gill Hague talks about 50 years of campaigning against gender-based violence, the challenges she’s faced particularly within academia, and passing the baton to young activists and women in academia. …Read more

Line of far right people in front of the white house, waving the American flag with a security guard at the front of them.
by Rūta Kazlauskaitė and Gwenaëlle Bauvois  |  17th March 2022

Rūta Kazlauskaite and Gwenaëlle Bauvois explore the rhetoric of shame, humiliation and pride in the discourses of radical right politicians in Poland and the US, and who gets drawn in. …Read more

Abstract paint with #BreakTheBias
by Sue Scott  |  8th March 2022

Sociologist Sue Scott talks about the challenges she has faced as a female academic and the advice she’d give to young women in academia. …Read more

Woman in a white coat working.

Jennifer Leigh profiles the Women in Supramolecular Chemistry network, whose aim is to promote the retention and progression in supramolecular chemistry not only of women but also other minority groups. …Read more

Map of world with pins in Europe
by Morena Tartari  |  8th February 2022

Morena Tartari outlines her experiences as a lone parent and transnational researcher during the pandemic, and the structural inequalities she faced.…Read more

by Terri E. Givens  |  25th January 2022

Terri Givens reflects on her personal reaction to January 6 and why she felt the need to reflect on why the images were so upsetting, beyond the act of insurrection itself. …Read more

Neon sign 'You are what you listen to'
by Bristol University Press and Policy Press  |  29th December 2021

Listen to authors and editors talking about the key social challenges of the moment in the top ten Transforming Society podcast episodes from 2021.…Read more