by Carl Rhodes  |  9th November 2021

Carl Rhodes, author of Woke Capitalism: How Corporate Morality is Sabotaging Democracy, out today, considers the less frequently discussed hindrance to progressive change that is woke capitalism.…Read more

Photo of dead rose
by Ruth Penfold-Mounce Julie Rugg and Jack Denham  |  28th October 2021

Ruth Penfold-Mounce, Julie Rugg and Jack Denham introduce our Death and Culture book series and explain how it will offer a space for a cultural approach to the sociology of mortality. …Read more

Mixed language bookshelf

Karen Schucan Bird reports on what tools are available to take stock of what authors are included in academic reading lists, whether anything has changed since her research on the dominance of White male Eurocentric authors on these lists, and why it matters to keep tabs on diversity in this context. …Read more

by Sanna Koulu and Christine Barter  |  18th October 2021

Sanna Koulu and Christine Barter look at how digital tech can be used by perpetrators but also be a vital space for recovery, providing it is accessible to all.…Read more

by Stewart Lansley  |  15th October 2021

Stewart Lansley looks at poverty in the UK and how it has always been inextricably linked with inequality.…Read more

by Bryan Fanning  |  6th October 2021

Bryan Fanning charts the ideological traditions that have shaped approaches to social problems and social policy in Europe since the Industrial Revolution.…Read more

A Picture of Kristie de Garis on a hill with a mountain in the background.
by Kristie de Garis  |  24th September 2021

One of the people featured in 'This Separated Isle', edited by Paul Sng, Kristie De Garis examines her own mixed-race heritage and the enduring trauma of racism through the generations. …Read more

by Paul Sng Kristie De Garis and Amara Eno  |  21st September 2021

How do people navigate the tensions of an increasingly divided British society? In this episode of the Transforming Society podcast, Jess Miles talks about issues around racism, resilience and identity raised in 'This Separated Isle', with editor Paul Sng, Kristie De Garis, whose portrait and story appears in the book, and photographer Amara Eno.…Read more

by Victoria Pittman  |  17th September 2021

After five years of building the Bristol University Press brand, Victoria Pittman, Head of Commissioning, talks about the global expansion we have achieved. …Read more

The Future We Dream photo
by Levi Gahman Filiberto Penados and Shelda-Jane Smith  |  16th September 2021

The Future We Dream is a collaborative arts-based project by Maya communities from Belize, a response to orthodox academic models of research which, although well intentioned, so often scrutinise and stigmatise indigenous communities, and focus on what they lack.…Read more