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White and blue lights shoot down, looking like a list

The new Digital Associate Editor for Policy & Politics, Elizabeth Koebele, shares some of her favourite Policy & Politics articles.…Read more

by Catherine Turner  |  21st September 2021

Catherine Turner champions mediation as a tool for making the world more equal, inclusive and sustainable in the pandemic recovery, by involving the marginalised in decision making on security, development or climate change issues. …Read more

by Mark Davis and Bruce Davis  |  7th September 2021

Mark Davis and Bruce Davis make the argument for crowdfunding as a way of putting people back in control of their money and the impact it has on the world, away from unelected financial experts. …Read more

Afghan Woman leaving Kabul airport

Jo Wilding outlines the plight of Afghan asylum applications in the UK and the severe inadequacy of the asylum system as a whole.…Read more

by Vineet Thakur  |  24th August 2021

Vineet Thakur profiles the Indian liberal politician and roving ambassador Srinivasa Sastri, whose name has been largely forgotten in the romanticisation of his friend and political opponent, Gandhi.…Read more

by Lily Hamourtziadou  |  11th August 2021

Lily Hamourtziadou looks at how the pursuit of liberal capitalist democracy has failed Iraq and produced only violence, terrorism, poverty, crime, instability and economic failure. …Read more

Homeless man sat in doorway.
by Francesco Laruffa  |  4th August 2021

Francesco Laruffa talks about his research article "Promoting social goals through economisation? Social investment and the counterintuitive case of homelessness" which is currently available free to download from Policy & Politics.…Read more

Newspaper rolled up with Biden on it.
by Richard Johnson  |  21st July 2021

Richard Johnson considers Biden’s bullishness about US global leadership. Does the China challenge mean that this is a false hope – an echo of a fading past rather than a portent of the future? …Read more

Stain glass cieling
by Russell Sandberg  |  1st July 2021

Russell Sandberg outlines how the confusing government messages about weddings in the time of COVID-19 highlight the need for a much wider reform of antiquated marriage laws in England and Wales.…Read more

Red, white, black and green splattered across the picture.

Luke Cooper, author of 'Authoritarian Contagion', traces the rise and fall of neoliberalism as a popular ideology, to be replaced in many countries by a nationalistic ‘authoritarian protectionism’ – a claim to protection no longer based on merit, but on membership of the in-group.…Read more