Democracy, power and governance

UK flag surrounded by smoke

Thom Brooks looks at the need for a new Citizenship Test in the UK and exposes the flaws in the current system. …Read more

Peeling painting of angels on a wall
by Aaron Pycroft  |  20th April 2022

Aaron Pycroft, co-author of 'Redemptive Criminology', re-examines the theological, philosophical and criminological basis for punishment, arguing that it prevents genuine transformation by perpetuating the myth of rehabilitation.…Read more

For sale sign outside some council houses
by Sanya Naqvi Daniel Béland and Alex Waddan  |  12th April 2022

Sanya Naqvi, Daniel Béland and Alex Waddan trace housing policy initiatives since Thatcher, arguing that its legacy lives on in today’s housing crisis.…Read more

Freedom written across a lorry
by Gabriel Cepaluni Michael T. Dorsch and Réka Branyiczki  |  4th April 2022

Gabriel Cepaluni, Michael T. Dorsch and Réka Branyickzki consider the trade off that democratic societies have had to grapple with during the pandemic: restricting social and economic interactions while preserving civil liberties.…Read more

Line of far right people in front of the white house, waving the American flag with a security guard at the front of them.
by Rūta Kazlauskaitė and Gwenaëlle Bauvois  |  17th March 2022

Rūta Kazlauskaite and Gwenaëlle Bauvois explore the rhetoric of shame, humiliation and pride in the discourses of radical right politicians in Poland and the US, and who gets drawn in. …Read more

Icons with one red set to the side
by Stephen Cook  |  2nd March 2022

Stephen Cook, co-author of 'What Have Charities Ever Done for Us?', discusses the collapse of Kids Company and the perils of 'founder syndrome'.…Read more

Small world globe on blue reusable masks.
by Nicola Yeates and Chris Holden  |  25th February 2022

Nicola Yeates and Chris Holden launch the new edition of Understanding Global Social Policy, and consider some of the developments that have taken place in the field since the last edition was published. …Read more

Ukraine flag with sunlight shining through it

What is an extra slice of Ukrainian territory to Russia? Sven Biscop discusses Russia attacking Ukraine. …Read more

A protest with signs that say "No more masks", "Yes, unrestricted oxygen" and other anti-COVID precaution statements.
by Matthew J. Quinn  |  21st February 2022

Matthew J. Quinn, author of 'Towards a New Civic Bureaucracy', calls for a new public bureaucracy which has civic and environmental health rather than economic efficiency as its raison d’être, placing civic engagement and dialogue at its heart.…Read more

A group of police wearing riot gear
by Lambros Fatsis and Melayna Lamb  |  20th January 2022

In this podcast episode, Lambros Fatsis and Melayna Lamb talk about how the pandemic has revealed the damaging relationship between public health and public order and explain why we need to explore our assumptions about policing and what it's for…Read more