Democracy, power and governance

by Henry Tam  |  26th February 2019

Bristol University Press talks to Henry Tam, a leading expert on the threats against democracy and what should be done to counter them. …Read more

As the gap continues to widen between citizens and the political institutions that are meant to govern on their behalf, many people are losing faith in democracy, while large numbers are turning to authoritarian demagogues to lead the way. The only remedy for the growing distrust and discord is to rebuild cooperation between state and citizens.…Read more

by Bryn Jones and Mike O'Donnell  |  23rd July 2018

Brynn Jones and Mike O'Donnell examine the problems of authoritarian nationalism and explain that the best hope for greater equality and quality of life lies with people themselves, and in more, not less democracy. …Read more

by Amitai Etzioni  |  11th July 2018

Amitai Etzioni examines the emergence of populism and suggests ways in which law-based approaches and political institutions can both understand and manage the challenges these movements present.…Read more

by Judith Orr  |  1st June 2018

Deborah Orr celebrates the success of the Repeal the Eighth campaign to legalise abortion in Ireland, and looks at the unfinished business of the Abortion Rights campaign to do the same for Northern Ireland.…Read more

by Aksel Ersoy  |  24th May 2018

Aksel Ersoy, editor of The Impact of Co-production, discusses the debate around the ways public engagement can go beyond a simple consultation and how it can be ‘relevant’ in academia.…Read more

by Henry Tam  |  21st March 2018

Henry Tam discusses the decline of democracy and the three critical steps that must be taken in order to save it.…Read more

by Rob Manwaring and Paul Kennedy  |  22nd November 2017

Are centre-left parties across Europe facing a future of decline? Rob Manwaring and Paul Kennedy argue that an essential element in any robust democracy is an effective centre-left.…Read more

by Matt Flinders  |  12th June 2017

Matthew Flinders looks at the 2017 UK General Election, and what it could mean for the future of politics in the country.…Read more

by James Treadwell, Simon Winlow and Steve Hall  |  17th November 2016

Read the introduction to the Postcript of The Rise of the Right by Simon Winlow, Steve Hall and James Treadwell, then download the full chapter free of charge.…Read more