by Haitham Deeb
13th June 2019

Generation Share: The change-makers building the Sharing Economy by Benita Matofska and Sophie Sheinwald is out this month. The book takes readers on a journey around the globe to meet the people who are changing lives by building a Sharing Economy.

Haitham Deeb who is a 30-year-old Palestinian, a farmer, a football player for the Palestinian team Jabal Al Mukaber and a teacher at the Ahmad Sameh Peace School in East Jerusalem. Haitham acts as a role model for students, sharing opportunities and showing that an alternative to violence is possible.

I have always believed that happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we share. Every day, no matter what I am facing, I share a smile and positive energy, because this is what the world needs.

As a footballer, farmer and teacher, I have the opportunity to achieve what’s missing in our community. I give my students the safety, love and motivation they need to accomplish their dreams in an environment where their rights are not always considered. I try to show that peace is possible, because I believe we can make this world a better place to live in. Palestinian boys love football and instead of teaching them violence and fighting, I teach them football. It’s a way to communicate peacefully, an opportunity to raise our children in the right way. As a farmer, I show students how to grow flowers or trees, in the traditional Palestinian way.

It is important for kids to grow up learning about nature, to care about their environment and to care about each other. We have a responsibility to be role models, to raise the next generation correctly, because it is they who will make a difference in the future. I do everything I can to develop a loving, caring, sharing generation.

I met a boy in the principal’s office. He had been fighting with other students and had bad grades. I worked with him, to become the role model he needed to be. I showed him the importance of education for the future of our country. Now he’s getting high grades and his parents are proud of him. I develop a special relationship with every boy I teach, in order to get the best out of them and make them better men. I have to be the best that I can be, in order to make sure I am someone they would want to be. I empower them, to know that they can be like me and achieve their dreams.

Young boys and girls are the future of our world, so if we give them the best values, teach love, sharing and raise them to care about others, to have good relationships with people from different cultures and religions, we can create a less violent world where there is love and respect between nations. Through sharing, people will work harder to achieve peace and to live a safe and happy life.

Generation Share by Benita Matofska and photographer Sophie Sheinwald will be published on June 17th to celebrate Global Sharing Week. Order here for £20.00.

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Image Credit: Sophie Sheinwald