by Sorcha Mahony and Larissa Pople
15th August 2019

What is life like for families who are stuck in problem debt? Why do they fall into a spiral of debt in the first place, and why is it so hard to escape? This podcast tells Stella’s story, about debt and isolation, and the impact that debt has across the whole family.

This is the first of a mini-series of podcasts based on the book, Life in the Debt Trap: Stories of Children and Families Struggling with Debt. The story is followed by a discussion between the authors of the book, Sorcha Mahony and Larissa Pople, along with Sam Royston and Nicole Fassihi, all from The Children’s Society, and Jess Miles, from Bristol University Press. They examine what we can learn from Stella’s story to challenge pejorative public attitudes and encourage more compassionate policy making to help families escape poverty and debt.



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Image Credit: Isaac Holmgren on Unsplash