Environment and sustainability

power plant
by BinBin Pearce  |  25th April 2022

BinBin Pearce, Associate Editor for the new Global Social Challenges Journal, discusses the urgency of creating an energy system weaned from supplies of oil, coal and natural gas held in the hands of authoritarian regimes.…Read more

Climate change protest, the main sign in view says "there is no planet b"

Author of 'Urgent Business: Five Myths Business Needs to Overcome to Save Itself and the Planet', Ian Thomson, talks about the 3 things your business can do to help achieve net zero. …Read more

Two hands with "our lives are in your hands" written on them
by Matthew Paterson  |  30th November 2021

Matthew Paterson analyses the structure of COP26 to help explain why it was doomed to fail; yet there is hope in the potential of those initiatives that were developed amongst partners. …Read more

Fields and blue sky

Peter Hetherington, author of 'Land Renewed', reminds us of the importance of soil diversity, and the implications of the withdrawal from the EU on climate change and our food security.…Read more

by Richard Joy  |  5th November 2021

Richard Joy discusses the difficult position the global leaders meeting for COP26 are in when it comes to making big decisions about the future of our planet.…Read more

by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner  |  4th November 2021

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner profiles The Real Vegan Cheese project as an example of how the use of cutting-edge techniques can promote the flourishing of nature, animals and humans. …Read more

Satellite view from above that looks like a target.
by Richard Joy  |  20th October 2021

Richard Joy looks ahead to COP26 and sets out the desired outcomes against which we should benchmark its success. We need significant shifts in our global economic model and consumption-driven, oil-dependent society.…Read more

by Anne Hessel  |  12th October 2021

As we approach COP26, read this extract from 'A Climate Pact for Europe'. This new book provides the facts on climate issues, the solutions available and their costs to work towards a European Green Deal.…Read more

Anke Schwittay, author of 'Creative Universities', illustrates some aspects of her university teaching which aim to help students better understand society’s complex challenges and to imagine alternative responses to them. …Read more

Melted Icebergs
by Emily Watt  |  27th September 2021

Ahead of COP26, Senior Commissioning Editor Emily Watt recommends some of Bristol University Press’s recent books from the growing climate change list. …Read more