Poverty, inequality and social justice

by Stewart Lansley  |  15th October 2021

Stewart Lansley looks at poverty in the UK and how it has always been inextricably linked with inequality.…Read more

Writing on floor saying #LeaveNoOneBehind
by Christopher Pierson  |  14th October 2021

In this episode of the Transforming Society podcast, Jess Miles speaks with Chris Pierson, author of 'The Next Welfare State?', about current policy, the mistakes of the past, and ways in which the welfare state should be transformed in order to ensure collective wellbeing.…Read more

by Hendrik Wagenaar and Barbara Prainsack  |  11th October 2021

Hendrik Wagenaar and Barbara Prainsack profile their new book ‘The Pandemic Within’. COVID-19 has exposed fault lines in our economic, social and political order. Here are tools to imagine solutions to the crisis. …Read more

Children playing hopscotch
by Marlon Lee Moncrieffe  |  7th October 2021

Marlon Moncrieffe looks at the Eurocentric nature of British history teaching in UK schools, and its role in reinforcing the inequality and division of British people. …Read more

belongings from a home on the pavement
by Bill McClanahan  |  4th October 2021

Bill McClanahan, author of ‘Visual Criminology’, argues how we must use images of evictions and police brutality to critically consider the state’s responsibility and the social conditions that are enabling them to take place.…Read more

by Stephen McBride Bryan Evans and Dieter Plehwe  |  30th September 2021

Stephen McBride, Bryan Evans and Dieter Plehwe, the authors of 'The Changing Politics and Policy of Austerity', consider which direction we follow after the pandemic. A more equal economy and society or a return to normal? …Read more

School Lockers
by Stephen J. Ball  |  20th September 2021

Stephen J. Ball looks at the impact of COVID-19 on schools and education policy, questioning who exactly is benefitting from the rise in EdTech products and the government’s National Tutoring Programme.…Read more

by Victoria Pittman  |  17th September 2021

After five years of building the Bristol University Press brand, Victoria Pittman, Head of Commissioning, talks about the global expansion we have achieved. …Read more

Our super heroes poster with the city in the background

Lee Marsden presents findings from his study examining the way social class has been portrayed in the UK media during the age of austerity.…Read more

by Vineet Thakur  |  24th August 2021

Vineet Thakur profiles the Indian liberal politician and roving ambassador Srinivasa Sastri, whose name has been largely forgotten in the romanticisation of his friend and political opponent, Gandhi.…Read more