Photo of Marcus Rashford
by John Hudson Neil Lunt and Ruth Patrick  |  10th July 2020

John Hudson, Neil Lunt and Ruth Patrick, contributors to the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, discuss whether the COVID-19 pandemic will change attitudes, and policies, regarding welfare, with examples including footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign on child poverty. They identify three key things to look out for in the coming months.…Read more

Statue of justice
by Jake Phillips, Kevin Albertson and Mary Corcoran  |  9th July 2020

Kevin Albertson, Mary Corcoran and Jake Phillips, editors of 'Marketisation and Privatisation in Criminal Justice', discuss the marketisation and privatisation in criminal justice in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.…Read more

Row of colourful houses
by Christine Whitehead  |  8th July 2020

Christine Whitehead, co-author of 'Understanding Affordability', explains why the private rented sector is the location for many of the biggest housing affordability issues, and outlines how the government can help in the aftermath of COVID-19.…Read more

Two heads facing away from each other
by Helen Kara  |  6th July 2020

Helen Kara, author of a number of Policy Press books, including the forthcoming second edition of Creative Research Methods, talks about the impact of lockdown and how the current situation might affect research in the future.…Read more

Poster saying 'We are one'
by Ed Garrett  |  6th July 2020

Ed Garrett, co-author of 'The Impact of Community Work', discusses why community work matters now more than ever, and how it is only through actually being out there in communities that we can really support marginalised voices.…Read more

Art of person connected to a phone
by Gabriella Warren-Smith  |  29th June 2020

Gabriella Warren-Smith, Founding Director of Cognitive Sensations, an online platform that publishes writing and art exploring the impact of technology on human behaviour and everyday life, discusses whether COVID-19 will change our relationship with digital technology and reflects on the impact of the digital divide in these strange times.…Read more

Person breaking apart
by Alison Gregory Emma Williamson and Maria Barnes  |  23rd June 2020

Alison Gregory, Emma Williamson and Maria Barnes discuss the impacts the COVID-19 lockdown is having on domestic violence research, and the researchers themselves, and offer tips for researchers now working at home.…Read more

Street art of 'Follow your dreams - cancelled'
by David Etherington  |  22nd June 2020

David Etherington, author of 'Austerity, Welfare and Work', explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the huge social and economic divisions caused by austerity and how we can create an alternative and more socially just economic and social model.…Read more

Black and white playing cards
by John Morrissey  |  19th June 2020

John Morrissey, Associate Director of the Moore Institute for Humanities at the National University of Ireland, Galway, explores the flimsy construction of neoliberalism and argues that now is the time to take stock of what an economy is actually for.…Read more

Crowded London street
by Stephen Muers  |  17th June 2020

Stephen Muers, author of 'Culture and Values at the Heart of Policy Making', shows how, for policy makers during and after the pandemic, understanding culture and values will be as important as understanding viruses and vaccines.…Read more